Apple iWatch May Be Released in October

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According to recently released reports from several sources, Apple’s latest device, the much talked about iWatch may be released in October. Expectations are running so high that the company predicts it may be the biggest product Apple has ever produced. The company plans to produce up to five million units each month.

There was no announcement about the iWatch at the World Wide Developers Conference held on Monday, and investors and analysts were a bit disappointed as CEO Tim Cook indicated that Apple would focus on upgraded versions of the iOS 8 and OS Yosemite. Perhaps the stage was being set for the  introduction of the iWatch with the presentation of the continuity frame, which promises to enable all Apple devices–including the watch, when it arrives–to work together. This would enable you to work on your iPhone and answer phone calls on your computer, if you should have an overwhelming desire to do so.

There has also been much talk about the Healthkit, which is included in iOS 8. The app can be used to record and store biometric and diet information along with vital statistics, and can accessed by other third party applications. Content Chief and Senior VP Eddy Cue hinted at some product development, when he said the company has the best pipeline of products in the last 25 years. Apple hopes the iWatch, which may be launched in October, will help fulfill that promise.

Apple’s latest television ad also says explicitly that the company is ready for the foray into wearables, and there are some unconfirmed reports that a special event will be scheduled for October when the introduction will be made.
The anticipation is already building as Apple, which is recognized for its design expertise, is expected to raise the bar for wearable devices to a much higher level. In addition to being heavily integrated into the health and fitness niche, there are some reports by the Nikkei Asian Review that the iWatch will connect wirelessly to smartphones, and feature curved Oled touchscreens. The price is expected to be close to $200, and the announcement will be around the same tim as the introduction of iPhone 6, which is expected in September.

The wearable computing device field has been plagued by a number of challenges, including difficulty in integration with fashion and design. There are some reports that wearers quickly become disenchanted or bored and quit wearing them early.

This can be both good and bad news for the health–conscious. If Apple succeeds in making the iWatch not just a gadget, but a necessity–especially for those who need to constantly monitor health information such as caloric consumption, blood sugar, and oxygen levels–it could be a winner. There are already apps on the market able to handle the functions, but they must be downloaded to a smartphone and information loaded to the app. The idea this can all be handled with a wearable device is intriguing, and industry observers and Apple fans are waiting with high expectation for the iWatch, rumored to be released in October.

By Dale Davidson

CBC News