Ashley Benson Gets Restraining Order in Fear of Her Safety

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson has gotten a restraining order against a fan in fear of her own safety. A 49-year-old man has been pursuing her, and told his church that he will marry her. The Pretty Little Liars star spoke out about the man insisting that her character had spoken to him and told him that God wanted him to do this.

James P. Gorton worked at Warner Bros. as a security guard part-time. It was there that he met the 24-year-old actress, and fell in love with her. This had been going on for a year before Benson was worried enough to do something about it. Gorton was banned from the work’s premises, but that did not stop the fear. The Bring It On star was certain that he would continue his pursuit, whether through finding her personally or phoning her. She became extremely anxious when he became threatening towards her.

Due to the worry, she decided yesterday that it was time to file a TRO petition with the Los Angeles Superior Court. For now, the 49-year-old fan has been ordered to remain 100 yards away from the star, and it could be extended at a later date. There will be a hearing on July 9 to determine whether the extension is warranted.

Why did Benson not get a restraining order in fear for her safety sooner? Despite being infatuated with the Pretty Little Liars star for over a year, she did not realize the seriousness of it until earlier this month. Manager Thor Bradwell showed a photo with him in it, and she knew that it was one of the Warner Bros. lot security guards. It was then that her manager explained the seriousness of it, including the sexual feelings that he had expressed.

The scariest part is possibly the fact that he is doing this “under instructions from God,” according to Gorton’s claims. If he believes that God is on his side, he could go onto to do far worse damage. There are chances that his soul will be damned if he does not, and that could be a worse thought than breaking the law of the living. Of course, this could just be a ploy to make people believe that there is a mental problem so he gets off lighter in court if it does go too far.

Benson is not the first young female celebrity to be under threat lately. Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift have both been at risk in recent weeks. Swift’s Rhode Island house was attacked by three men throwing beer bottles, but luckily she was not at home at the time. The men were arrested by police and have been charged for breaching the peace. Cyrus has had to take the same restraining order route as Benson after a fan started trespassing on her property.

It can be a scary world for celebrities. While they are doing a job they love, they are constantly put under the threat of fans who do not know when to stop. This has been the case for Benson, and she has been forced to get a restraining order in fear for her safety.

By Alexandria Ingham



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