Auschwitz Concentration Camp Guard From WWII Case Gets Reopened

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Auschwitz concentration camp

During the unfavorable era of World War II there were “wars and rumors of wars” spearheaded by the German Nazi enthusiast, Adolf Hitler. During that time Poland had been occupied by the Germans, and millions of Jewish people from all of Europe had been arrested and sent to one of the three of Auschwitz concentration camps located in Auschwitz, Poland.

Germany did not charge Breyer for actually committing the murders but officials did charge Breyer with 156 counts of aiding and abetting the transportation of the Jewish prisoners totaling 216,000 from Hungary, Germany and Czechoslovakia to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Breyer‘s attorney Dennis Boyle stated, “there are some very controversial and complex factors surrounding the reopening of the case” and goes on to say, “he will fight Germany’s request to extradite his client.” As of Wednesday, Breyers has been removed from home, and arrested by police in Philadelphia.

In 2003, following the final judgment at a United States hearing, where court officials attempted to bring similar deportation charges against Breyer dated from the 90’s, a judge ruled that Breyers is an American citizen because of Breyer’s mother who migrated to America in 1952.

Sources said that it was a shock to learn that “German authorities reopened the case and issued a warrant on Breyer.” The original case is over 70 years old and was “previously dismissed by a United States judge.”

At Wednesday’s court hearing Boyle repeatedly argued “Breyer is too frail and is not a threat to anyone.” Boyle also stated that Breyer should be immediately released from where he is being held in jail with no bond.

Breyer is a retired toolmaker, and has been living in the United States now for 62 years. Breyer said, “he was only a security guard at the Auschwitz concentration camp,” and had nothing to do with any arrests or with the annihilations of Jews during the era of Nazi driven seizures.

The Auschwitz concentration camp is located in Auschwitz, Poland. The address is now the location of a memorial and a museum for the people who were mercilessly killed as a part of the Nazi purification scheme more commonly known as the Jewish Holocaust. There is also an American Auschwitz museum and memorial located in Washington, DC that is dedicated to the Jewish Holocaust. The American Auschwitz memorial and museum was built by a Jewish organization of Holocaust survivors and family members.

Because the Auschwitz concentration camp guard lived in the small town of Bavaria, Germany the court warrant that reopened the case was made there as well. Breyer had been residing there before moving to the United States. Breyer will soon be deported back to Germany and officially charged with multiple counts of the complicity to murder. The United States hearing proceeded that Breyers is set for extradition on August 21, 2014.

By Kimakra Nealy
USA Today
NY Times
CNN News

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