Better Call Saul: Breaking Bad Sequel Gets Good News

Better Call Saul

Fans will be excited to know that their favorite show, Breaking Bad, will live on in the sequel, Better Call Saul, and there is even more good news. Even though the first season is not out yet, AMC has already ordered a second season. This will relieve the anxiety that the show could be canceled early.

The second season has been ordered, adding 13 new episodes to the series. This makes the total number of episodes in Better Call Saul up to 23. Although fans thought they would be able to watch the first episode in November of 2014, AMC has pushed back that date to 2015.

It is speculated that AMC pushed back Better Call Saul due to other shows on the network like The Walking Dead, and Hell on Wheels. This will ensure that the shows are not competing with each other and AMC will have a new series to air in 2015.

Production of the Breaking Bad sequel, Better Call Saul, is already underway. The production team is already on location in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but due to this delay, it is not known if shooting the first season will be affected, or also delayed.

AMC president, Charlie Collier assures fans that the sequel is getting the attention it deserves. Collier said that they are just as excited as the fans about the series, and the production team wants to make sure that the show gets the launch it deserves. Collier stated that there are countless factors and details that go into making such a show, and nothing will be done halfway.

Better Call Saul follows the adventures of lawyer Saul Goodman, before he met Jessie Pinkman and Walter White. Another character in the new series, which was also in Breaking Bad, is ex-cop Mike Ehrmantraut. The creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, is also going to be on set regularly. Gilligan is set to direct the first episode, and then will continue to co-produce the rest of the series with Peter Gould.

Even though many fans are ecstatic about the new sequel, other fans still have mixed feelings. Some feel that a sequel might ruin the perfection of Breaking Bad, or even ruin its legacy. However, the fact that the creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, will be on set to co-produce the series does give fans, which are on the fence, a sense of relief.

Even though it is frustrating that the Breaking Bad sequel, Better Call Saul, is pushed back even further, the good news is there will be more Breaking Bad to enjoy. Some fans are looking forward to seeing if Jessie Pinkman, or Walter White make an appearance in the show. Bryan Cranston even hinted in an interview that Walter White might not be dead, so perhaps anything is possible. Better Call Saul has not gotten quite the attention or popularity that AMC was hoping for, but maybe with the added episodes, fans will tune in and give it a shot.

By Sara Petersen

International Business Times
Tampa Bay Times
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2 Responses to "Better Call Saul: Breaking Bad Sequel Gets Good News"

  1. Greg Webb   October 16, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Breaking bad the movie should be about Walt and Jessie racing each other to find the rest of the money that the other family took from Walt. Who will find it first? Will one finally have to kill the other? Or will they have to team up once again to overcome another threat and secure the money?

  2. Stu   August 3, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    A Breaking Bad movie should be the sequel. Walter White could be alive through quick EMT work and no doubt Jesse is alive. Could fast forward a couple of years when Walt Jr is 18 and the Grey Matter money is to be paid out to Walt, Jr. All sorts of possibilities.

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