Beyonce Returns to HBO With Beyonce: X10

beyonceBeyonce fans get excited for the singers return to HBO with Beyonce: X10. Starting June 29, airing right before the new episode of True Blood’s final season, will be a four-minute segment of Beyonce performing songs from her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

The new series will have ten episodes at four minutes a piece that will air every Sunday at 8:55 p.m. ET. All the songs to be aired were filmed live in different cities from her now ended, Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. The tour began April 15, 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia and ended in Lisbon, Portugal on March 27, 2014. The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour was sold out in 69 cities in 27 countries, having a total of 132 shows. A total of 1.8 million fans enabled Beyonce to rank with the highest-grossing female solo tour for 2013.

Any fan who was unable to make it to the concert can now enjoy segments of the live show, thanks to HBO.  Even fans that have gone to see the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour can get to relive some of the magic starting June 29.

Beyonce has continued to wow and surprise her fans like when the singer released her fifth album on iTunes in December 2013. No one was expecting or knew about the 14-song self-titled album and it came as a pleasant surprise to Beyonce fans everywhere. The surprise release even included a video for each track and it was the talk of the town as word spread about the surprise album release.

Returning to HBO with Beyonce: X10 starting June 29, ten songs will be highlighted from the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. These songs include: Why Don’t You Love Me, Girls, XO, Blow/Cherry, Flawless/Yoncé, Partition, Get Me Bodied/Baby Boy/Diva, Ghost/Haunted, Heaven and the hit song Drunk in Love.

HBO is definitely aware of the star power that Beyonce has, as well as the huge numbers the singer draws in. Beyonce first appeared on HBO with a very intimate, full-length documentary titled Life Is But a Dream. Beyonce directed the documentary and it debuted on HBO in February 2013. Life Is But a Dream was a documentary that gave fans a special peek into the star’s life. According to HBO, the film was the highest viewed special being music-oriented since 2003. The statement definitely says a lot and it could also mean that Beyonce fans just may be seeing more of the singer on HBO in the near future.

Airing right before True Blood’s news episode, which is in its final season, also gives True Blood fans a little something extra to get them prepared for the show. After all, True Blood certainly doesn’t need an extra added bonus to have viewers tune in, but the live music segments of Beyonce is certainly an extra added bonus.

Whether or not this will become a recurring event where Beyonce airs songs from concerts or full-length film documentaries on HBO, fans can get excited for her return with Beyonce: X10. If the ten-episode segments get enough ratings, fans can be hopeful that executives at HBO will realize her drawing power and keep having her back.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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