Bipolar Disorder: How to Manage

bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a disease characterized by a reoccurring shift in personality and attitude. Those who are affected by this disease experience high volumes of happiness that result in partaking in risky behavior or high levels of creativity. The person easily becomes manic or depressed which could lead to substance abuse or suicide.

People all over the world have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at some point in their life. About two percent of people in the United States and other countries suffer from Bipolar disorder. The U. S. is the leading country of people who are Bipolar with the highest rate at over four percent. India has the lowest rate with less than one percent being diagnosed.

There are different alternatives and methods in relation to how to efficiently treat Bipolar disorder. Doctor’s encourage individuals who feel they may be experiencing high or low volumes of feeling sad or happy or if individual has difficulty completing tasks, sleeping problems and/or  issues with erratic behavior should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Bipolar disorder is classified into two categories, Bipolar I and Bipolar II. People with Bipolar I exhibit more severe symptoms. Bipolar II’s symptoms are less severe. There are effective methods offered by devoted doctors on how to manage Bipolar mania. The disease cannot be cured, but can be treated by medication and psychiatric care.

Individuals who live with the disease either explains life to be unpredictable or like being on a day-to-day adventure. There is an upside to having Bipolar disorder. Those with a more artistic side notice a heighted desire to be creative. This was the kind of madness that drove Edgar Allan Poe as well as Ernest Hemingway, the writer who stood while writing.

People with Bipolar disorder can be very disorganized and unpredictable. Along with depression, there are sporadic changes in mood and feelings. Mania is usually followed by depression or experienced prior to depression. Mania is defined as an excessive obsession or desire.

Individuals are not necessarily born with Bipolar disorder. Sara Bodner, M.D., stated that the disease could be genetic or it could be one’s environment that brings this disorder on. It is believed that more people in the world suffer from bipolar disorder than is being reported.

Doctors assume that poorer countries may have some kind of protection against Bipolar disorder. “The U.S attracts people that feel that they could come and have a better life.” Says Dr. David Schlager. Individuals with that kind of belief and goes so far as pursuing it is considered to be apart of the significant percentage of those who suffer from Bipolar disorder.

There are prescription medications out that help aid and subdue the unpredictable mood swings like Lurasidone, better known as Latuda. Latuda is atypical antipsychotic that was first approved for schizophrenia in 2010. The U.S Food and Drug Administration extended the drug in 2013 to help treat individuals who have Bipolar disorder.

There are ways an individual can learn how to manage their Bipolar disorder. Doctors encourage individuals to be educated about Bipolar disorder and consult a doctor if one suspects any level of mania.

By Erica Sandifer






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    Good basic information!!

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    My comment was in reference to remarks by teedubya, not the ad by Golli

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    I cannot believe this was even printed. The only thing I agree with is the previous comment.

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    This article was obviously not edited. It is poorly written and contains inaccurate information about bipolar disorder. It appears to have been written solely to tout one particular medication. Simply reading a few articles about a topic on the Internet is not sufficient to tackle the intricacies of a mental illness. Shame on you Guardian.

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