Blackberry Ltd Announces Deal With Amazon Appstore

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Blackberry Ltd announced the closing on a new deal with Amazon Wednesday. Blackberry Ltd is set to begin pre installing the Amazon app store downloads on their new Black berry z10.

Blackberry’s deal comes close on the heels of the launching of a new smart phone, The Kindle Fire by Amazon’s CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos. Bezos said, the new Kindle Fire has a feature that will allow better access to online shopping and “the introduction of Amazon smart phone version is not to gain a competitive edge with Google and Samsung.”

The new Amazon app will be installed on the new Blackberry z10. The older version of Amazon app store for mobile services is already available to all of the other Blackberry android phones on the market as well. The older Amazon app is an easy download for all users because Blackberry Ltd is already connected with Google and Apple to upload the Blackberry service applications. Blackberry phones also use Google to provide users with computer search engines for surfing the web and for a quick guide to locate information.

With the new Amazon link Blackberry consumers are getting “great interfacing across multiple platforms.” The Amazon Appstore added another 240,000 more applications to 130,000 applications already being provided by Blackberry. Advance features of Blackberry applications by Amazon ,along with some other Google, and Apple technologies will include, Netflix, Candy Crush Saga, you tube, download streaming, photo viewers, internet games, Facebook, Instagram, movie viewers, music and audible downloads, and online purchasing.

Despite the critics doubting if Blackberry can stay alive, the Canadian company has 450 million carriers who are currently using some form of the Blackberry phone versions. Chen says he is concerned with the enterprise of Blackberry and the security of Blackberry users and that he hopes the announcement of Amazon appstore partnership boosts the sales of the upcoming new Blackberry Ltd phones.

The deal came shortly after just closing another deal with tech giants EnStream LP to ensure Blackberry users had a secure transaction of personal information over the internet. Chen said the purpose of the new deal with Amazon is to make sure the phones will have “the best essential smart phone features while Blackberry is still in the process of introducing new phones with stronger smart phone capabilities.”

Older versions of Blackberry phones and the upgraded editions of the Blackberry Classic do not come equipped with many of the tools that the users of Apple’s iPhone 5 or Samsung’s Galaxy S5 androids hold passionately. Most commonly used Blackberry phones have the original rubber keypad with a much smaller face screen rather than the full touch screen. There are a dozen smart phones made by blackberry with full screen view that are already on the market, such as the Blackberry Torch, the Blackberry z30, the Blackberry q10, the Blackberry Bold and the Blackberry Storm.

Smart phones in general come with full screen features and provide a backup link to cloud information. Android smart phones also have the larger built-in hard drive spaces allowing its users to store more information. In addition, Blackberry’s smart phones come with a rich pack of necessary tech tools and features such as fast browsing, long battery life, natural sound, and document viewing and editing just to name a few.

The new Blackberry z10 that is coming out will have many of these features and allow users to perform almost any function safely over the internet on their phones at the same time. Chen announced in the closing deal that the Amazon Appstore will be a default application on the Blackberry z10 server for uploading the additional applications. Most of the millions of Blackberry customers who are only using the Blackberry to download movies, photos, music, games, and social applications can now choose from thousands more browser formats and features. However with the older Blackberry models and versions, the amount of browser space and preferential downloading is limited.

By Kimakra Nealy
Time Magazine
Forbes Magazine
The Financial Post 

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