Reuven Rivlin Gets Ready for a Questionable 7 Year Term



As President Reuven Rivlin gets ready to begin his new position, questions abound regarding whether Israel’s newest president will be able to accomplish much  of anything during his seven years in office. The pious president was more sophisticated than the other candidates, but the people who voted for Rivlin need to be reassured that goals for the term will be implicated.

President Rivlin, was formerly known as a Likud statesman and a parliamentary board member, and is now quickly becoming known for having a “softer demeanor and charismatic smoothness” during Israel’s 2014 Presidential Debate and Election. Unlike his main opponent and leader of the Labor party, Binyamim Ben-Eliezer, Rivlin is the perfect role model for the country and has all the right political connections to lead the Israeli people.

The main challenge the new leader will have to face is being able to win over the strong oppositional parties, whose leaders were recently outvoted by a significantly large margin after Ben-Eliezer’s withdrawal from the race. Some of the major concerns are when it comes to making sure the country stays independent is Rivlin the right man for the job. However the soon-to-be appointed Prime Minister is actually the person primarily responsible for handling governmental affairs.

Since the country has already gained more advanced technology than almost any of the countries in the entire hemisphere, Israelis are wondering if Rivlin can keep the momentum constant. Also, Israel produces a wide variety of raw resources that get exported all around the world and the return revenues that these resources accumulate are very important to sustaining the country’s financial freedom.

Because Rivlin has very little connections with the commerce and manufacturing industries, economic critics doubt whether he is capable of overseeing all of the country’s revenues. Others question whether President Rivlin will be able to keep the country’s profit margins out of the red throughout the term.

Meanwhile as President Rivlin prepares for a questionable term, current President Shimon Peres is very active in monitoring the country’s financial welfare, and travels frequently to keep communication open with international alliances. President Peres also visits the United States often, and speaks with President Barack Obama on occasion.

Because of Rivlin’s strict conservative religious background, many people feel that the future of Israel is in a very uncomfortable political position. It is also largely due to the fact that the older succession of the familiar Likud party has the majority over the left-winged Kidima party, who were previously the majority.

In the last several years the state of Israel has remained very peaceful.  The country has managed to avoid any major wars although situated in a very politically unstable region of the world. Israel has upheld peace standards with war-torn countries, such as, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghan, and Pakistan being very close in proximity.

The last intra conflict involving Israel was in 2009. The clash began by militants of Palestine and Iran, and developed into the Gaza-Israel conflict and the Iran-Israel proxy conflict.  Both of these conflicts were resolved very quickly with hardly any violence or retaliation on Israel’s behalf.

Amidst the doubters who question the future of Israel, President Rivlin has to demonstrate the attributes of a worthy president throughout the term. It has already been proven Rivlin is a well qualified communicator, who can mediate with the cynics. This talent will definitely give Rivlin the advantage of getting plans to pass through the party’s majority. Getting past minor personal differences between several political parties that were recently succeeded over, is another way that could speed up plans for change without much contention. For now it is way too early to know for sure if it will be too difficult for Rivlin get enough done during the term. President Rivlin is Israel’s 16th elected president and is set to take office on July 28, 2014.

Opinion by Kimakra Nealy

Washington Post
 Los Angeles Times

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  1. chava   July 9, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    I think you’re a little confused about the position of president in Israel. The president is really just a figurehead. Peres overstepped his bounds by a lot. He said & did things that were totally beyond what the presidential position called for. The president’s position is supposed to be non-political. His only political power is that he decides which party can be asked to form a government after elections, which can sometimes make a difference. But the day-to-day running of the country is in the hands of the Prime Minister, who is not “soon to be appointed”, but is Netanyahu until our next elections. And Rivlin will be Israel’s 10th president, not 16th.


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