California Home Burglary Stuns Miley Cyrus

CaliforniaPop stars like Miley Cyrus, who are on the road the majority of the year, worry endlessly about the safety of their home whether if they are in the next country or the next state over, which in this case is California.  Last Friday was not a good day for Miley Cyrus, who is currently in Europe on her Bangerz tour. A man and a woman are now in custody in an apparent California home burglary, stunning Miley Cyrus from across the globe.

Tylor Scott, 19, and his girlfriend Naomi Charles, 21, are in custody of the Los Angeles Police Department for stealing Cyrus’s pearl-white $100,000 Maserati Quattroporte and other valuables from her San Fernando Valley home. The abandoned Maserati was then located thirty miles west in Simi Valley early Monday morning. LAPD officials arrested Scott and Charles after receiving leads that the two committed the crime. The couple’s original car was then confiscated, and it was there that LAPD retrieved what looked to be the stolen items from the pop superstar’s home. LAPD officials are still unsure if all the items stolen were recovered from the vehicle as Cyrus is still on tour and is unable to return to verify if they were all retrieved.

Cyrus’s assistant went back to her California home just for a routine check-up late Saturday night and discovered the missing valuables and the white luxury car were clearly nowhere to be found. The call was then made to Miley Cyrus that her home had been burglarized and the news would leave her stunned.

As for now, Scott, who is originally from Arizona and Charles, from Los Angeles, are both in custody on suspicion for being connected to the home burglary. LAPD reported that the couple made their way over Cyrus’s fence, broke into the garage and made it out with the star’s Maserati, jewelry and other valuables. There are no further reports on how much their bond is.

Scott’s arrest records reveal that this would not be the first time that he would be connected with stealing expensive vehicles. In fact, Scott has a warrant out for his arrest that was issued back in Arizona for a previous pending case. In December he stole a Mercedes, and even stole two cars from his own mother last September and August.

Scott is fully aware of his car obsession. Last year he stole both his mother’s Nissans, a Juke and Altima. He stole the Nissan Juke and drove it all over his hometown in Arizona until he crashed it, and later abandoned it. Eventually, he made his way back to home to then take his mother’s Nissan Altima, which then coincidentally had a flat tire. His mother requested that all charges against her son be dropped.

As for Los Angeles native Naomi Charles, she apparently met Tylor Scott early March after he relocated to California in hopes to have a ‘fresh start.’ There are no previous arrest records for Charles, and it is uncertain how she was reeled into this burglary with Scott, other than the desire of having a Bonnie and Clyde thrill for the night.

Miley Cyrus currently in the middle of her Bangerz tour was stunned by her home burglary and is sure to update her security for her house in California. The singer may also do the same for her home in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee to prevent future home burglaries from stunning the singer when she is on the other side of the world.

By Tricia Manalansan


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