Cara Delevingne Defends Herself From Vogue

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne sat down with Vogue writer, Plum Sykes, for a profile in the July 2014 issue. However, after reading what Sykes wrote about her, Cara Delevingne is speaking out and defending herself against the accusations the writer made about her work ethic.

Delevingne has made a name for herself as a high fashion model, quirky Instragram user, and aspiring musician and actress. Fans can’t get enough of her funny pictures, poses, and personality. Delevingne has the ability to move through life effortlessly, never taking herself too seriously, and never trying to be perfect. The model always encourages her fans to do the same.

In the Vogue article, Sykes calls Delevingne, “everyone’s favorite rebel model.” But that is not what has Delevingne so upset. What offended Delevingne is the portrait that Sykes painted of her: an irresponsible model that arrives late and continually falls asleep during important interviews.

Sykes describes in the article how she arrived to Grace in Belgravia, the most elite spa in town, to interview Delevingne for Vogue. Sykes was on time, and Delevingne was not. Thirty minutes later, the high fashion model strolls in. Even though Sykes describes Delevingne as more beautiful than any photo ever taken of her, the writer then describes her as croaking hello. Not very flattering.

The article then depicts Delevingne’s upbringing as privileged, and it almost feels like a slam. It felt like Sykes was insinuating that Delevingne didn’t have to work hard to be where she is at today, and even hints that Cara might take everything she has for granted, since she comes from a wealthy, well-connected family.

Delevingne apologizes for being late, and suggests that they each have a massage to relax for the interview. Sykes agrees, and each girl goes into her massage. When Sykes is finished, she sits outside and waits for Delevingne, however, the model has fallen asleep again. The massage therapist asks if she should wake her, and Sykes says no, and gives Cara until lunchtime to sleep.

Only after Delevingne’s assistant tells Sykes that Cara has other meetings and has to leave, does Sykes get upset that she lost her chance to interview the model. However, the fault was on the Vogue writer because she was the one who allowed Cara to sleep longer. If the interview was so important, Sykes should have woken up Delevingne.

In the published article, the writer’s frustration is clear. Sykes has no story, no angle, and no interesting quote. So, to cover that up, Sykes wrote about Cara over sleeping, and then quoted other people confirming that’s all Cara does, sleep during work because she parties so much. Sykes even questioned why Cara was so famous, and then quoted someone saying it was because she looked like a Disney character, describing her as the “Instragram Bambi.”

However, the accusation by the Vogue writer that Cara parties so much and doesn’t take her work seriously, is what made Cara Delevingne upset. The model defended herself on Twitter, saying it wasn’t right to attack someone. Delevingne slammed the fashion industry for not supporting people, and she said she works extremely hard and that is why she is so tired. Delevingne said it is hard to fight people who have all the power.

Was it right for Vogue to publish an article about Cara Delevingne that was so biased and insulting that the model felt the need to defend herself? The article highlighted Delevingne’s partying as why the model was irresponsible during work. Instead of coming off as impartial, Sykes came off as jealous, and Delevingne has every right to be mad.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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