Chelsea Handler: Why Her Fans Love Her

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Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has a distinctively fresh approach to comedy and this has earned her many fans, who love her show. Handler is a self-made celebrity, who is beautiful, talented and hilarious. She has appeared on the covers of the Hollywood Reporter and the Hamptons Magazine. Her two late-night talk shows, Chelsea Lately and After Lately, are also very popular and she has authored several books. Below are some of the reasons why her fans love her:

She is open about herself and others – Handler hardly holds anything back and rarely hesitates to speak her mind. She mocks her brother and ridicules her father openly on television and has made fun of herself on several occasions. Her books are a fitting demonstration of her no-holds barred nature and her lack of fear of offending people. According to Business Insider, she once stated that The Real Housewives of Atlanta is racist and that 16-year-old girls should not be rewarded for being pregnant. She is also very open about having had an abortion when she was 16 and that she does not regret doing so. However, she does keep other things about her life under wraps.

She embodies hard work and success – Handler is a self-made millionaire and has built her empire from the ground up. She started out as a waitress and gave it up at the suggestion of a friend, who thought she would be better off doing stand-up comedy. That was when she was 26 and now she is exceedingly successful despite the fact that she never went to college. Handler’s fans love her because she embodies the American dream. She is often described as motivated, fearless, and driven.

She is transforming late-night comedy – Her show has been growing in leaps and bounds and her ad revenue is way above that of experienced comedians like Steven Colbert. Apart from that, she uses her platform generously to give up-and-coming comedians a platform to build their careers.  She brings new comedians with her on tours and shares with them her comedy round-table. Comedians like Brad Wollack, Loni Love and Heather McDonald have all been hired for more gigs after being seen on Chelsea’s show.

She takes care of her friends and family – Apparently, she cares deeply for her employees. Heather McDonald, Handler’s co-worker and friend, told reporters that Handler has set up a scholarship fund for each of McDonald’s kids and does the same for anyone on staff who has a baby. She does this despite that fact she never had the chance to go to college herself.

She likes people who do not belong – She told Hamptons Magazine that she likes people who do not belong on television. She added that she basically does not care about what everybody thinks on who should be on television. Handler also thinks that putting unattractive people on TV is hilarious. She said she gets joy out of surrounding herself with people who say stupid and funny things.

Though she has already achieved a lot in her life, Handler is not about to stop climbing the ladder of success. She recently signed a deal with Netflix and will produce a range of new programming for the company including a stand-up performance and a talk show.

By Michael Obunga

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