China Toddler Is World’s Youngest Alcoholic


A toddler in China is the world’s youngest alcoholic. Two-year-old Cheng Cheng can drink pints of beer quicker than his parents, and screams for alcohol in his bottles rather than milk. Authorities are now dealing with the situation.

It would seem like an innocent thing allowing children to have a small taste of a drink. Some parents even believe it is best so when children get to the legal age they do not attempt a whole night of drinking everything just to try it out. In other cases, parents find their children grabbing a wine glass with a mouthful left mimicking mommy and daddy.

However, a couple in China have found that the idea has backfired. After allegedly just trying a drop of wine on chopsticks at 10 months old, Cheng Cheng loved it and all he wanted was alcohol. His parents try to give him milk, water and even soft drinks, but the two-year-old has no interest in them. He will scream until he gets his own way.

Many parents will argue that these parents should put their foot down and show their son who is boss. However, if he is officially addicted to alcohol that will be very difficult. It is hard enough for an adult alcoholic to stop drinking, so it will be much harder when trying to explain to a toddler why he can no longer have it.

The toddler in China is considered to be the world’s youngest alcoholic, and for those who want to see justice, his parents are being blamed. Social services are considering putting the boy into care until he has this drinking problem under control and the parents can prove that they are capable of caring for him properly.

There are questions over whether the parents will face any legal consequences. His mother did reportedly fear that would happen, which is why she tried to switch the alcohol for milk and pop.

However, it seems like the need for alcohol only occurs if the young boy sees his parents or relatives drink it. One way to stop him from wanting it has been to put bottles of alcohol out of sight. The parents could go a step further by not drinking it at all while around him and not buying it. It would not be unreasonable for them to do that.

The family has found the matter funny, which has angered people in China and around the world. Relatives have spoken about how Cheng Cheng can drink a whole bottle of beer without showing any side effects, indicating that he will be able to handle a lot when he is older. Is this really something that the family members should be proud of happening?

Doctors are rightfully worried about the internal damage that the alcohol is having on the toddler. They fear that his organs will suffer and it could affect his life quality in later years. It is important for the parents to do something about this now. Having the world’s youngest alcoholic is not something to be proud of, and it will not be something the toddler from China will want to remember when he is older.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Daily Mail

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