Chris Rock at BET Awards Sparks Twitter Praise and Rage [Video]

Chris Rock

Chris Rock brought down the house at the BET Awards, and he is being praised for his comedic genius, unless a person is on Twitter, where there is an influx of rage at some of his jokes. He takes shots at everyone from Donald Sterling, to Solange Knowles and his insights into current events in the black community are a rare glimpse into the mind of a comedic genius. Back in the 90’s Rock hosted the VMA’s and made everyone sit up and take notice, with his insults flying as fast as the laughter. Many comedians take shots at the rich and famous and never get the hailstorm of rage, that the BET Host has been accumulating under the hash tag that bears the comedians name. The group he has offended will surprise some, and make others groan, with a shaking of the head.

It is not Solange fans who are in a snit about the woman who took a healthy dose of Rock’s critical insights, stating that she knew Jay-Z could not fight back as he had a meeting with a cookie company in the morning, and that elevator could have been full of “lipstick, blood and weed.” He also mocked Ellen, and the pizza’s she handed out at the Oscars by passing out chicken and waffles. He even asked Paris Hilton if she wanted to be black for the night as he handed her a take out container. He chewed up and spit out Rick Ross and Paula Dean on stage, but that is not what riled up the twitter fans. It was the Belibers that came out in force to defend their music idol against any and all insults slung by Rock. However, the media is singing his praises for taking things to a lighter mood, and getting people’s minds off the stabbing and shootings at parties not sanctioned by BET. At a time when raised eyebrows were looking to the Awards with barely concealed skepticism, the veteran comedian did not miss a beat, and should be praised, not whined at by young kids who do not understand the concept of sarcasm, and have never seen a celebrity roast. Some of Rock’s insults went way deeper than anything he could say about Bieber, he cracked jokes about weight, racism, gender, and much more. If one cannot laugh at one’s self, then stop watching comedy. Kathy Griffin, Ellen DeGeneres, Don Rickles, and many more have this same thing in common. They can laugh at themselves as well as making light of others.

The video below shows some of the highlights from the stars monologue, and some of the jokes may make some of the fans say “did he just say that,” knowing it was something that many have thought, but never said out loud. Chris Rock’s opening at the BET Awards was funny and insightful and should be praised for what it was, a comedy routine, not the rage and outlandish comments that are flooding Twitter today. The awards are a time to celebrate the works of brilliant and gifted artists, and the haters should take the jokes with a grain of salt.

By Kristi Cereska



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