Commercials That Inspire and Motivate Are the Newest Trend [Video]

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In this age of technology, we are inundated with trends, and not all are good, so the world could use more inspirational commercials and ad campaigns geared towards motivating and  boosting young girls confidence, instead of breaking it down. Always is launching a commercial called “Like a Girl,” which is so amazing, one can only hope that #LikeAGirl will go viral. Most Americans have heard this term and it is anything but endearing or encouraging, and the women’s product giant is aiming to change that. This clever and intelligent commercial will show the world the difference between the perception and the reality. This will not be a phrase that is insulting any longer if Always has anything to say about it. This video will show confidence and pride in being a girl, two things that many have issues with. This commercial seems to be saying that they are going to take that phrase and flip it upside down and make it a positive thing, instead of negative.

Being a girl is hard enough now-a-days, and self perception is set at a young age. Any commercials that can inspire and motivate can certainly be the next big trend, and with any luck it will be. With a lack of truly motivational role models outside of TV and movies it is not easy being a girl in today’s world. Dove started a campaign for “real beauty” with some great success, however, it is geared towards an older demographic. While “real beauty” is relevant and worthwhile, there is still a need to get the message out sooner. The world needs to help young girls feel their self-worth prior to becoming a woman with poor body image. This trend in commercials could start a revolution of sorts, and build up those that need it the most, the worlds children. Building healthy self-esteem is like having a shield against life’s challenges, and kids that are comfortable with what their strengths are and are not afraid of their weaknesses, will be better able to handle conflict and negative influences. Optimism and more genuine smiles all come from confident children, and a happy child grows into a happy and strong adult. If the worlds children feel sorry for themselves they will fall prey to the negativity that they will find everywhere. The commercial below was created by the maker of Always feminine products and some call it deceptive, as their products are not mentioned until the very end. Sure the young kids that are in this ad are not of the age to require the products that this is promoting, but many women will want their children to see this and understand it for what it is, positive reinforcement. Commercials that tells the daughters of the world, that it can be done, instead of it cannot be done, should be the next big trend on all of social media, so that every girl can inspire and motivate others, and  ‘like a girl’ becomes a rite of passage, not an insult.

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