Clint Eastwood Living With Employee Christina Sandera


Film industry living legend Clint Eastwood is reportedly now living with an employee following the 2013 divorce form his wife of 17 years, Dina Eastwood.  The employee, named Christina Sandera, is reportedly a hostess at the Carmel, California  Mission Ranch Hotel which is owned by Eastwood.

The new love interest isn’t a secret and Eastwood’s children reportedly all approve of Sandera.   As well, its been reported that Sandera has been living in the Eastwood home for months.  The two were spotted and photographed together on June 1 while shopping at a Los Angeles Whole Foods store.

Eastwood had been previously dating Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, not long after his divorce from Dina.

It was in October 2013 that Dina Eastwood filed for divorce from the ‘Jersey Boys’ director.  She cited irreconcilable differences. The couple had reportedly been separated for a year before Dina filed for divorce.   The split was announced in August of 2013.  Dina and Eastwood were married in 1996, and Dina gave birth to their daughter Morgan that same year. Morgan is their only child.

Sandera is reportedly in the same home that Eastwood shared with Dina. Aside from her role at the Misision Ranch Hotel, nothing more is known about Sandera, except that she is an employee of the hotel, and has moved in with Eastwood who is the owner of the hotel.

Eastwood has been busy of late promoting the much anticipated film release of ‘Jersey Boys’.  Eastwood directed the movie which is a film adaptation from the hit Broadway musical of the same name.  ‘Jersey Boys’ is based on the tumultuous beginnings of the popular singing group, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

Eastwood’s career dates back to 1954, and includes acting, producing, and directing.  He was born in 1930 to Clinton Sr. and his wife Ruth Eastwood. He has one sister named Jean.  The Eastwood’s lived in San Francisco, California.  Clint was born into the era of The Great Depression, and due to hard times his family traveled to find work.  They eventually settled in Oakland, California.  In 1948 Eastwood graduated from Oakland Technical High School.

Eastwood joined the military in  1950 where he met actors Martin Milner and David Janssen. The two actors persuaded Eastwood to move to Los Angeles and take up the craft. Eastwood then went to Universal Studios and took a screen test.  He passed the screen test and signed a contract. Eastwood acted in a few science fiction movies, but his big break came in 1959 when he landed a role on the long-running hit series ‘Rawhide’.  Eastwood played the role of Rowdy Yates.  The series ran for eight seasons.

In 1971 Eastwood branched out into directing with the film ‘Play Misty For Me’.  To date Eastwood had produced and directed a variety hit films from the 1994 film ‘The Bridges of Madison County,’ to the 2004 Academy Award winning ‘Million Dollar Baby’.

Eastwood is showing no signs of slowing down. His new live-in love, employee Christina Sandera, will make the third woman in his life in less than three years, and he is currently directing a new film, ‘American Sniper.’

By Janet Walters Levite

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