Colorado Shooting at Red Rocks Amphitheatre


The Colorado triple shooting at Red Rocks Amphitheatre occurred late Thursday night on June 19. Rapper ScHoolboy Q was in a white SUV with other acquaintances when shots were fired from a gunman. ScHoolboy Q was not hurt though three other passengers are being hospitalized for gun-related injuries.

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is located just 15 miles west of Denver in Morrison, Colorado. It holds about 9,450 people at the foothills of Denver mountains. The amphitheatre was forced to be on lockdown after the shooting occurred. SWAT members swarmed the parking lot and concert venue, as they also searched each vehicle as cars made their way to the exits. The last car exited at about 3 a.m.

The SUV drove into Denver and eventually pulled over as they were looking for the nearest hospital. Denver Police also came to the scene to assist them and also attended to the injured victims. ScHoolboy Q and another passenger were handcuffed as they questioned the other men in the car, but no arrests were made.

Denver Police analyzed the car to ensure that the passengers were only victims. After they confirmed this, the three injured acquaintances of ScHoolboy Q were sent to Denver Health Medical Center. One of the victims was then released Friday afternoon while the other two are still being hospitalized.

Witnesses described the shooter as a male and approximately six-feet tall. He fled the scene as soon as he shot at the SUV carrying ScHoolboy Q and other passengers. The gunman may or may not  be in the Denver area, though it is encouraged that anyone who attended the concert share any detail about the shooter with Denver police.

No concert cancellations have been made. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre event management stated that all future concerts will go as planned and additional security will be added for the next couple of concerts.

ScHoolboy Q, Nas and Flying Lotus performed to benefit various anti-gang groups in the area. These include Gang Rescue and also the Support Project of Denver. The Metro Denver Partners hosted this concert to assist gang-rescue effort groups in the area.

The shooting is still under investigation, and it is not certain whether ScHoolboy Q was the intended target or not, though it could have been a possibility. There have been no arrests in connection to the triple shooting that occurred at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, and the investigation is still pending.

ScHoolboy Q, who is formally known as Quincy Matthew Hanley, is from Los Angeles, California. He recently released his new hit album entitled Oxymoron. The record contains music relating to his life as a young father and also a former gang member. Some hit singles from his record include Man of the Year, Collard Greens, and Studio. Oxymoron reached its peak when it debuted as a No. 1 hit record.

ScHoolboy Q, Nas and Flying Lotus hosted a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The concert concluded with a shooting in the parking lot with ScHoolboy questionably being the target. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre triple shooting in Colorado will not affect any future concert and events, though it is still under investigation.

By Tricia Manalansan

Los Angeles Times
Huffington Post
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