Crackdown Series Returns After a Four Year Absence [Video]

Crackdown 3 announced

Back in July of 2010, Ruffian Games and Microsoft Game Studios released the sequel to the open-world super cop adventure Crackdown. The sequel was met with mixed reviews, it expanded upon the multiplayer aspect introduced before it, and added more to the already adventurous nature of the city explored. Thanks to E3, Crackdown 3 has been announced with an official trailer.

Davey Jones, the original creator of Crackdown will be heading the Crackdown 3 project himself. The game is set to release for Xbox One and has not announced a release date yet. The title comes as a surprise to many, fans of open-world games as well as third-person shooters now have something very exciting to prepare for. Finally, a new console to help expand the series.

By Garrett Jutte
Gaming Bolt


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