Demi Lovato Engages Fans at L.A. Gay Pride Parade in New Video [Video]

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has a new video out for her song Really Don’t Care, which was filmed at the L.A. Gay Pride Parade, and she showcases the fact that we should all be who we are. She drives this home by engaging parade participants through out the video, and the end result is as engaging as it is entertaining. It grabs attention right from the start, as she begins shouting out sayings from the signs of the gay pride crowd, and it continues to keep the viewer entertained with this sure to be new hit. She has a personal tie to the LGBT community and embraces them, as they do her. She recently appeared on a Logo special where she was to introduce the Netflix series, Orange is the new Black, and prior to the introduction she had much to say about her grandfather. She revealed for the first time, that he came out as a gay man in the 1960s, and how brave he was to do so, at a time when tolerance was not as common place as it is today. She expressed her wish that he could have lived to have seen the progress that has been made, and thanked the LGBT community for embracing her. She not only shot her latest video with her beloved community, she also performed at New York’s Pride Parade also.

barney_friends_lovato_gomez_18oom08-18oom2tThe 22-year-old was born in New Mexico and has 3 sisters, and even more interesting is that her Mom was a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Lovato started down her path to stardom at an early age, winning many a talent contest and even performed at the Cowboys half time show with none other than LeAnn Rimes. At 10-years-old she became a regular on the Barney and Friends show, thus beginning her “I love you, you love me,” life philosophy, making her a perfect advocate for human rights even without a gay grandfather. She and Selena Gomez were both on the hit children’s show and just couldn’t be cuter, as evidenced by the photo here. Their friendship just grew from there, and Lovato could not have become a better role model. Many people could take a cue from the singer and love everyone regardless of sexual preference, and be excepting of everyone just as the LGBT community embraced her, before even knowing of her family history. As serious as this topic can get, Lovato takes a light-hearted approach to her video, and even shows her playful side dancing with her famous boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. The entire video is almost guaranteed to make even the most hardened of hearts smile.

Living a truly charmed life, which she worked hard to earn, her career really took off after she accepted the role of  “Mitchie Torres” in Disney’s Camp Rock in 2008. The soundtrack for the film also became a part of Lovato’s resume, as she and the Jonas Brothers recorded three songs for the hit movie. Along with the songs becoming hits, and racing up the Billboard charts, the singer went on tour with the brothers, solidifying her entrance and acceptance in the music industry.

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    Singapore Gays Rally Amidst Anti-Gay Laws,

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