Detroit Police Understaffed Fail to Continue Investigation


Five gun shell casings were found outside 31-year-old, Michael Moeglin’s delivery truck Thursday morning. The vehicle had been set on fire to cover up the homicide but it failed to do so. Detroit Police claimed Moeglin, husband of Ashley Moeglin and father of their unborn child deceased at the scene; however the investigation is continuing at a slow pace due to an understaffed police department, says Michael’s father Clark Moeglin.

In an interview Clark stated, “I know they’re understaffed,” he continues “But this is my son and my daughter’s husband. This is my unborn grandchild’s father.” He later spoke to Moeglin’s medical examiner. According to the examiner, Michael took a bullet to his head; the suspect(s) snuck up to the driver’s side, most likely for a robbery and shot Moeglin.

In an attempt to find their own evidence Ashley and Clark took the matters into their own hands. Using GPS software Ashley dialed Moeglin’s phone, and once she heard it ringing knew that it could not be too far away. Moeglin’s family located his phone about 40 to 50 yards from the scene of the crime. With haste Clark and Ashley called the Detroit Police Department to shed some light about their discovery; however the police department failed them due to an understaffed team at the time, and with the pouring rain they could not continue to investigate further.

A resident of Ferdinand, Indiana; Michael drove semi-trucks for Mawson & Mawson Incorporated. The company is stationed in Langhorne Pennsylvania, and stated by The Trucker, a representative from the company was scheduled to speak about Moeglin Friday, but was reported absent from the office by a company employee.

Ashley, Michael’s wife posted on her Facebook “I would like to say thank you to everyone for your prayers. Please continue with them but please be sure to pray for Mike. I know that nothing in life can ever prepare a person for anything like this to happen. I am very appreciative to have such a loving and supportive family and friends and I know Mike would feel the same way.”

She continued saying that Michael always told her he would never leave her with anything she could not handle, with that in mind Ashley feels that he is watching over her and the baby. Just that night Ashley and Moeglin were having a discussion about how they were going to work on their unborn child’s nursery.

Thyssen Krupp, a facility near where the homicide occurred offered a statement:

“We are aware that a semi-truck on its way to our facility was attacked outside of the plant premises in Detroit on Thursday, June 26. Our deepest sympathies go out to the victim’s family, friends and colleagues.Although this incident did not occur on Thyssen Krupp’s property, we are cooperating with city officials and law enforcement investigation teams. The safety of our employees, suppliers and customers is of the highest importance to Thyssen Krupp Materials NA, Inc. Following this shocking and tragic incident, we are proactively reaching out to our suppliers and employees to heighten their awareness of their personal safety and security at all times, specifically in the area surrounding our Detroit facility.”

If anyone has any information to further the investigation please contact the Southwest Detroit Police Department or Crimestoppers at 1-800-SPEAKUP. One thing you can be certain of Ashley, is that all our hearts go out to you and your family, Hopefully the Detroit Police will not fail you again, and continue their investigation as quickly as possible when the department is not so understaffed.

By James Kurtzweil


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