Facebook Back After Temporary Outage


Facebook is back after a temporary outage on Thursday night. Thousands of users went to other social media sites to complain, and it just goes to how one site can rule people’s lives. It was just half an hour or so, but it certainly caused widespread panic.

Users attempted to access the social media giant in the early hours of Thursday morning Pacific time to find that the site simply said that something had gone wrong. There was no indication what the problem was, or whether it had something to do with Facebook maintenance. Eventually Google made it clear that it could not display the webpage.

People were left with one choice: go somewhere else. Some went to Twitter, where they complained about the outage. Others went to Pinterest to get the images they had previously been looking out for on the social media giant.

In short, Facebook is taking over the lives of others. It encourages people to get online just to be able to stay in touch. There are plenty of other ways to wish someone happy birthday, share photos and drop a message. Texting, message apps like Snapchat, and simply meeting up with people face to face are all viable options. However, people continue to use the social media page, and then panic when they cannot access their profiles.

For some, the site is a place to vent. Others find it a place to gain inspiration, or share the last song lyrics that mean something to them. It just seems a little ridiculous that the site being out for a short period of time can cause the panic that it did. However, users will be happy to know that the outage was temporary and Facebook is now back after it.

Some users did take to Twitter to pretend to panic. It was a dig at all those who actually felt like the lack of the social networking site was the end of the world. Others jokingly questioned whether the site had finally bit the dust. Of course, the site closing its doors suddenly is very unlikely considering it is buy its competition and still has over a billion users around the world.

The outage affected people all over the world, indicating that it was a server issue and not actually a site issue. It was certainly not the only site to have a temporary black out with Guardian Liberty Voice being affected for a short period around four hours earlier due to server issues.

This is not the first time that the site has been out. Nor has it been the longest period of a blackout. In 2010, the site was down for two and a half hours, and led to representatives taking to the Facebook blog to apologize for the outage. That had been the longest downtime in four years running up to that point. The site was also down earlier this year, and led to the same type of panic.

Many users in the United States will not have realized there was an outage. The problems were mainly for those in the United Kingdom and further west, who were just waking up or in the middle of their day. However, users will be happy to know that the panic is over and Facebook is back after its temporary outage.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Independent



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