Michael Jace Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Wife’s Murder

Michael Jace

Michael Jace has pleaded “not guilty” to his wife’s murder. Police were called to their home by the Shield actor himself, after he allegedly told dispatchers that his wife had been shot. April was killed on May 19, with their two sons in the home. It is not thought that the boys witnessed anything, but they would have certainly heard the gunshots.

Police charged the Shield actor almost immediately, due to his alleged confession on the phone. However, he was not the first to make the call as neighbors reported shots fired from the home. Jace’s neighbors were very shocked to learn about the death of his wife, and that the 51-year-old actor had something to do with it. They never reported anything strange, like arguments or violence from the home. The actor has previously been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife, but there were no police reports from the deceased.

The actor appeared in court for an arraingment and to set bail. The judge decided bail would be set at $2 million, and also ordered that Jace would not be allowed contact with his sons. It is unclear just how much affect the death of their mother has had on them. It will be hard anyway, but knowing that their father had something to do with their mother’s murder and hearing the gunshots would be traumatic.

The actor’s father-in-law also reported the shooting to the police, after the actor allegedly called him to say that he had shot April. However, Jace has now pleaded “not guilty” to the murder of his wife during the arraignment. A preliminary hearing is now set for August 1, where the police will need to give their reasons for arresting the 51-year-old.

While out of prison, the actor will need to remain 100 yards away from his sons at all times. He will also not be allowed to call or write to them. According to Jace’s lawyer, Jason O. Sias, the actor is continually praying for the well-being of his children. That is the most important thing on his mind right now.

His sons are with family according to brother-in-law to the actor, Carlo Laune. The boys are living with April’s parents, and are very close to them. At least they are around family who will love and care for them during this difficult time.

Despite neighbors being in shock, police do believe that the motive was domestic violence. Laune was also surprised to hear about the motive. At no point had April shared any insight that her husband was a violent man. Her brother believes that she would have if that was the case. However, he does believe that Jace is guilty, and wants to see him punished “to the full extent of the law” for his actions. After hearing some of the claims, Laune believes his sister took a stand and wanted to protect her children, and she paid the ultimate price for that. Jace believes he is innocent, and has pleaded “not guilty” to his wife’s murder.

By Alexandria Ingham



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