Facebook Foils Burglar’s Attempts


Facebook has foiled a burglar’s attempts of robbing a house and getting away with it. A 26-year-old was caught in the act after checking his social media account from the victim’s computer during the raid. He now faces 10 years in prison for his crimes.

James Wood was devastated when he came home to find his house had been burgled. It’s a person’s worst nightmare, and can lead to people feeling unsafe in their own homes afterwards. However, the Minnesotan man was in luck when he checked his computer. A Facebook page was up that he did not recognize, and he soon realized that the thief had gone online and made the mistake of not logging out.

Despite ringing the police regarding the break-in, Wood took matters into his own hands. He shared a profile picture of the alleged burglar, Nicholas Wig, and his own phone number, asking for people to phone him if they recognized or spotted the man. The 26-year-old criminal went from being silly to stupid within moments after that.

As well as leaving his Facebook logged in, the criminal had left a few items of his own in the house. He then text Wood about the burglary, and Wood said he wanted to give the 26-year-old his things back. Of course, Wig agreed and came to the house to collect his belongings, but upon approach the victim called the police and Wig was arrested. He was even wearing some of the stolen property at the time of the arrest.

It just goes to show that social media is powerful, although Facebook foiling the burglar’s attempts to steal everything and get away with it happened a little different to normal. This man will likely go down as one of the stupidest criminals in history. Leaving his social media account logged in was one thing, but at what point did he think engaging with the victim and going back to collect his things was a good idea?

There must have been something going on in his head that told him this was a set-up. He had pretty much admitted to the burglary by agreeing to collect his things, when Wood had no idea who the man was outside of the events. The idea that police would be called or even be there at the time must have crossed his mind.

This guy has no defense. Not only has be virtually admitted his crime, but he was wearing some of the stolen property at the time of his arrest. Hopefully, the easy and quick arrest will help Wood get his belongings back, and he will not feel too uncomfortable in his home after the incident. It may be good for him to know that Wig already has a second-degree burglary conviction against him, along with a long rap sheet. This new incident is likely to put him behind bars for 10 years, or at least cost him $20,000 in fines.

Social media is becoming more and more powerful, though. If it was not for the technology, the man would not have been caught so easily. Facebook has foiled this burglar’s attempt at escaping, like it has done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Daily Mail

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