Luis Suarez Accused of Biting Italian Player: Time Something Really Happened

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Luiz Suarez

Is it not time that something really happened to Luis Suarez legally after being accused of biting an Italian playing in the FIFA World Cup? The Uruguay player has already had two incidents of biting on the pitch while playing for Liverpool. This is clearly not a one-off anger issue after something happening on the pitch. He has serious problems mentally.

While there are many who will argue he should receive the mental help that he needs, he is also a danger to the other players. If his anger really gets out of hand, he could do much worse than bite someone’s shoulder. He could end up breaking legs or worse, under the guise of a “bad tackle.” Something like that has the potential to end a player’s career.

Many Liverpool fans united together the last time to stand behind Suarez, wanting him to get the help. For them, he is an amazing player and needs to remain on the team so they continue to do well. However, not only is he becoming a danger to others but he is making a fool out of the sport and the team. When people remember the Uruguay player in the future, they will remember these violent incidents, and not the soccer he played.

The good news is that a disciplinary proceeding is being opened against the striker. Nothing happened on the pitch during the World Cup game between Uruguay and Italy because the referee did not see it. However, video footage will be looked at to assess whether the 27-year-old did bite Giorgio Chiellini, the Italian defender, or not. A decision can then be made to determine what should happen.

Surely it is about time that Suarez has some legal action taken against him if the accusation of biting the Italian player is found to be true. If this happened off the pitch or if it was someone who was not a professional soccer player, the person would be arrested and likely prosecuted with enough evidence. There were arguments at the time of the first biting incident that he should face legal action, but he just faced a ban.

Suarez has spoken out about the incident, explaining that these are things that happen on the pitch. He also said that it was not a bite, but that the player bumped into his teeth. However, there is no excuse for physical abuse like this. A shove “just happens,” and is seen a lot in games when tension is high. However, a bite is a serious offense. The chances of the Italian player just bumping into his teeth are also very unlikely.

The 27-year-old striker is supposed to be a role model for those who watch the game. Soccer fans already have a bad reputation for being violent, and Suarez gives the impression that violence is fine. It never has been and it never will be in a civilized world. By not doing something about the player on a legal front, people are going to continue to believe that this behavior is normal and accepted. It is time that Suarez faced legal consequences if the accusation of him biting the Italian player’s shoulder is found to be true.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham