Facebook May Be Used in the Job Hunt


It is possible for job seekers to Facebook in the hunt. However, it needs to be used effectively. There is also the fact that potential employers will also use it, so everyone needs to learn what to put on their profiles and the information to leave off.

Facebook is now the second most popular website on Alexa, and is home to individuals and companies sharing updates on a regular basis. Something that many people fail to realize is that the companies use the social media site to update people on latest vacancies, and even offer tips to job seekers to give them the best chance at being successful.

Networking through the site is one of the most powerful things anyone can do. This is not just contacting companies a user would like to get a career within. It is important for people to make it clear they are looking for work on their own profile, and join the right groups to help them with that. It is not always about what a person knows, but who a person knows. By sharing the fact that a user is looking for a job, friends will be able to think about that user when a vacancy comes up at their own workplace.

The more a user updates friends and family members about the latest on the job front, the more chance that user has of getting a job. The friends and family members are not going to forget the fact that that user is looking for a job, which is likely if the user stops posting about it.

While Facebook may be used by job seekers in the hunt, it can also be used by the employers. It is very important to block any embarrassing photos or questionably status updates from public view. Most users simply find it easier to remove the photos and updates completely. The last thing they want is for a potential new boss to come across that Saturday night drunken shot.

Be careful about the type of things posted on the social media site. Refrain from badmouthing a current or previous employer. It sets a bad example, even for those who do just need to rate. A potential employer will see the rants and picture himself becoming the person those Facebook status updates are all about.

Actively following companies is one of the most beneficial things on the social media giant. Company “pages” are extremely popular now. In fact, all the biggest companies have “pages”, and it is possible to follow status updates and get in touch with the businesses directly. Following and being active with the pages is a great way for people to get their name known. It shows support, and gives people a way in to ask about vacancies and show knowledge of the companies’ products and services.

Social media is quickly growing as a tool for job searchers. It allows people to connect with all the right people, no matter how far away they are. Facebook is extremely powerful when used effectively in the job hunt.

By Alexandria Ingham


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