Mariah Carey Admits Single Cover Art Photoshopped

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has admitted that the cover art for her most recent single has been Photoshopped. She took to Twitter to explain that it was not her decision, and apologized to her fans. This is just the latest complain of Photoshopping in recent years, as fans want to see the real people.

When fans saw the latest single cover art, they felt a sense of déjà vu. The artwork was very similar to that of the singer’s Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse cover art. In fact, it was so similar it was the same image. The only difference was the head. Those in charge of the image selection had decided to place Carey’s head into the original image to make it look different.

The 44-year-old singer was not impressed with the decision based on her tweet to her fans. She explained that she did not choose that selection, and ended with a simple “ugh!” It seems she was lost for words for the decision.

After expressing her disappointment, she asked for her fans opinions; not about the Photoshopped cover art but for their ideas for the artwork. She also had a slight pun within the tweet. After including the hashtag of YDKWTD for her new single You Don’t Know What to Do, the star added IDKWTD, making it clear that she has no idea how to handle the current decision.

Carey admitting that her single cover art is Photoshopped shows that no matter how long someone has been in the business, there will always be someone else who has the final say. This single is the fourth from her current album, which is her 14th.

Admitting to the new Photoshop fail comes just a month after the star was accused of Photoshopping other photos. In May, she was accused of cutting 20lbs from a photo to make herself look thinner, but was caught out after appearing on TV. Fans wanted to know why a woman known and respected for her curves would decide to do such a thing.

She is certainly not the first celebrity to have a disaster with the airbrush, and she will likely not be the last. Kate Winslet’s face was airbrushed disasterously when she appeared on the cover of Vogue, making her look like a fantasy girl. Life and Style magazine was also guilty of making Kourtney Kardashian look like she had lost all her baby weight after the birth of Mason, but she responded to say that the image was not a true representation of her at the time.

When Britney Spears did a photo shoot with fashion company Candies, her images were doctored to make her look better. The Toxic singer allowed the unaltered photos to appear next to the Photoshopped ones just so her fans could see the differences. Some of the changes included having cellulite and a tattoo removed, along with making body parts look smaller.

Many people are calling for the end of altering images for a “perfect” look. However, companies continue to do it, and likely still will. Carey has been the latest victim and admitted to her single cover art being Photoshopped despite her wishes.

By Alexandria Ingham


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  1. fatalreview   June 23, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    didn’t the hag go into detail that she had ultimate control over her album thats why she missed 4 release dates??no graphics person did that much work on her without her consent –get real–the only thing more annoying than the fake azz photoshopped repaints of her as JLo or Shakira is her turning around and throwing the production people under the bus for it when everyone starts laughing and making fun of the cow-and after the title-which she can’t disown now she made it clear it was all her-how is anything worse than that-except for the actual so called music on that piece of total poptard rehash crappp-MeMe is certainly the biggest twitter twatt has been poptard joke of a delusianl skankkk going these days–you know Nick is divorcing the pill popping alchy ASAP

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