Father’s Day – Epic Gifts He Will Love

Father s Day

Get dear old Dad a Father’s Day gift he will really love by taking his interests and turning them into an epic gift he will never forget. Is Dad a techie? A Golfer? A Biker? Even if he is a couch potato there is something out there just for him, and this list of gifts by interest could be just the thing to kick start the inventive gift giver in you.

vivo fit bandsThe Healthy Dad can use technology to help him get fit and stay fit. Vivofit bands by Garmin are stylish and really do their job. They can track your fitness level, give Dad goals to reach, and will even beep if the person wearing it is still for too long. For just $129 dollars this can help keep Dad fit, and he will look good too.

new balance shortsThe Couch Potato just needs a little motivation to get out there and rule the world. If Dad is just a little too stagnant and getting up and out is the challenge, then how about New Balance shorts. These light weight, fully lined, and loose fitting shorts will inspire movement without embarrassment. Dad can start to move around and get fit for just $45 dollars.

polar bottleAnother great gift idea is the Polar Bottle as it is a manly wood grain and will keep Dad’s drink of choice cold for hours. At $24 dollars this is a budget friendly option, and with a slick twist of the top it allows access to the summer time hydration every dad needs. Let the man in your life know that it is OK to get outside and he will look great with this manly travel bottle.

Logitec Harmony Smart Control won’t get Dad off the couch, but will make his viewing experience even better. Never worry about a lost remote, or one with dead batteries, or worse yet, having multiple remotes and having to figure out which one does what. This handy little gadget is $129 and works with the iPhone and android phones and allows you to control up to eight different devices, including those all important gaming systems.

morphie space packThe Gadget Loving Techie Dad will really appreciate the next gifts on the list. Whether he is an executive that never puts down the computer or iPad, or that guy who loves interacting with the kids through the newest and best in gaming equipment, one of these gadgets could be just what is needed for an epic Father’s Day.  First up is the Morphie Space Pack which is a handy three in one phone cover made for the iPhone 5 and 5S. It is a phone case and a charger and adds up to 32 gigs of extra storage space. Three in one for $149 could make that smile even more epic on Father’s Day.

keyport-white-moneyNext up is the modern day key holder from Think Geek this little gem holds up to 6 keys or tools and sells for $59 to $79 dollars and comes already equipped with a bottle opener, a pen light, and a flash drive. The Keyport slide 2.0 will make your Dad the envy of the neighborhood, and since he already has all kinds of gadgets, what better than one for his keys.

mastrad soda makerThe Outdoor Dad is the guy that loves everything from manning the BBQ to bike riding, and these gifts will be just the thing to keep him in his outside state of mind. The Mastrad A01900 Pure Fizz Soda Maker for $79 dollars will let Dad be the grill master as well as the king of pop. This portable soda maker is great to take outside to the picnic table. Now Dad can have his own specially made soda to go with that awesome BBQ dinner on Father’s Day, and it’s stainless steel exterior makes for a manly bottle of pop.

Jag-Grill-BBQ-TableNow maybe barbecue really is the big summer thing that Dad does at home, and maybe Dad’s house is the entertaining hub of the neighborhood. Let’s say that the family gathering in the backyard is very big, and weekend barbecue’s are always going on. Then the Jag Grill Table may be just what Dad has been looking for. This table not only houses the grill but the seating as well. Take barbecue to the next level and for $2500 it will be the talk of the town, with room for burgers for Jimmy, and chicken for Sally, this table will definitely be the epic gift.

No matter the Dad, or what his interests are, there are inventive and innovative gifts out there that will make this Father’s Day the best ever.

By Kristi Cereska

Mens Fitness
CNN Tech
Think Geek

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