FIFA World Cup: A Big Win for Uruguay Outscoring England 2-1

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During the FIFA World Cup prematch Uruguay had a remarkable win outplaying England 2-1.  As a result England will be heading home early this year. The team suffered a very disappointing game against Uruguay in the Group D pre-match. Just like Spain, England lost their first two rounds. Fans all over from Liverpool to Manchester were saddened with the losses so early in the tournament. Until today, England still had a chance to stay in the tournament.

Uruguay and England had already loss one game coming into the challenge, and it was “a do or die” match for both teams. As dark clouds gathered over the Sao Paolo arena, a storm was also forming in the minds of fans who wondered whether England would be the next FIFA World Cup champions.

At the opening both teams looked very promising as players began quickly forming their breakthrough defenses. Just 10 minutes into the first half referees missed a yellow card on Uruguay. A few minutes passed and a yellow card was officially drawn on Uruguay. Had the referees caught Uruguay’s first yellow card, then one of their star players could have been removed.

With less than 10 minutes remaining of the first half both teams remained scoreless. Just as the tension in the air became thick and feelings of uncertainty went around, Uruguay’s Luis Suarez made a goal ending the first half. Fans were filled with joy after Uruguay scored the first goal giving them the lead over England 1-0.

Coming into the second half with England trailing Uruguay, the English defenders scrambled to come up with strategy on a breakthrough to tie the score. England also tried to step up their counter defense and stop Uruguay from keeping the lead. England attacked the penalty area twice in the beginning of the second half with no luck.

Uruguay was able to outscore England and maintain the big win by denying England’s attempts to strike shot after shot. Uruguay retaliated by forming a 4 man defense in English territory striking a center kick that reached within inches of the goal line but no goal. England responded by regrouping their defense, moving possession of the ball to the center field position and making close control shots. Uruguay’s goaltender Fernando Muslera rejected all chances of the ball to enter pass the base line.

As England retreated, Uruguay rallied their defense and pushed the ball towards the center where English goaltender Joe Hart had a good save off Uruguay’s attempt to score. Uruguay’s champion Luis Suarez stayed heavy on the chase interchanging the ball with players. Uruguay’s midfielder Alvaro Periera plowed into English midfielder Raheem Sterling. Sterling was hit hard in the head and almost escorted off the field.

Again England went into survival mode and tried to get possession of the ball in the midfield but Uruguay defense was impeccable. Englander Glen Johnson drew two more yellow cards with 22 minutes remaining of the game. To the fans relief English forward Wayne Rooney squeezed through and attacked the front putting the goal straight into the net.

With 15 minutes to go England had tied the score against Uruguay 1-1 as the fans stood up and roared. The goal made Rooney’s 40th in all for England. The English played hard and fearless very late in the game and with only 4 minutes remaining Uruguay made a vital goal that put them back on top of England 2-1.

The Uruguay’s star player Luis Suarez thrashed the ball right into the netting. Uruguay equalized the English in Liverpool before the FIFA World Cup. Today was no different, Uruguay continued to dominate England outscoring the team for the big win.  Uruguay’s head coach Oscar Tabarez said, “We won because we were fighting.” Yesterday’s lost put England completely out of the FIFA World Cup. They were eliminated today after Costa Rica won against Italy 2-0. Costa Rica will advance in Group D along with Uruguay.

By Kimakra Nealy

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