FIFA World Cup Brings Out New Soccer Fans

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a time to bring out those who know nothing about soccer to become new fans of this beloved sport. The FIFA World Cup is a reason for newbies of this sport to dig deep into their family history and find the smallest relation to one of the top teams. Everyone has a different reason for being a fan of a specific country. Those reasons can range from being one-eighth Portuguese, having a German boyfriend, really liking French food, or thinking number eight from USA is attractive. Regardless of why someone favors a certain country, the World Cup is a fun way to pick a side and learn about one of the world’s favorite pastimes.

If there is ever a proper time for fans to jump on the soccer bandwagon, it is now. The FIFA World Cup is the perfect chance to learn about this sport as well as all the different countries taking part in this worldwide event. While many soccer fans know all there is to know about the best players and their stats, they may not know much about the actual history of the FIFA World Cup. FIFA stands for “Fédération Internationale de Football Association,” which is the international soccer governing body. The goal of the FIFA World Cup is to promote soccer through a way that benefits youth and developing programs in an educational way that embraces the history of the sport.

As for fans of this event, the FIFA World Cup is to soccer lovers what the Olympics is for every other sport enthusiast. It is hard for people to not get caught up with all the soccer excitement these days, bringing out plenty of new FIFA World Cup fans, even for those that know nothing about the sport. In fact, not coming in with any prior knowledge or team favorites can be even more fun for new fans. That way there is no sadness when a favorite country loses a game, and no need to come up with fast facts to defend why that team is the best.

Many people will complain how new fans of the World Cup are just jumping on the bandwagon. However, any event as big as the FIFA World Cup that brings together people from all over the world is something worth jumping on. No one can blame new fans of soccer for coming in at a time like now, as it is the most thrilling time for this sport.

The FIFA World Cup is an event that can be enjoyed by all, no matter how limited of a background in soccer there is. The FIFA World Cup has proven it has some of the best fans as it is the largest event to be discussed on social media, beating out the Superbowl and the Olympics. During the USA and Ghana match, 4.9 million tweets were recorded. Social media platforms are being consumed with news of the World Cup, making everyone excited about this event as it is hard to just ignore. The FIFA World Cup is providing extreme excitement for old soccer fans and bringing out new ones.

Opinion by Amena S. Chaudhri

CBS Detroit
The Bath Chronicle

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