FIFA World Cup: Chile Defeats Spain 2-0

FIFA World Cup

On Wednesday, Team Spain was eliminated by Chile in the FIFA World Cup championship. In what appeared a perfect opportunity, Spain did not meet the challenge set by Chile’s fast paced defense. Early on, Spain showed some unexplainable reactions of anxiety as they faced their opponents. Chile proved to be relentless and unthreatened by the last World Cup champion, who were unable to break through Chile’s goaltender. Spain entered the game as the heavy favorites, but were upset by the resilient Chile team.

Expectations were high for Spain, as the defending champions of 2010 FIFA World Cup. They also won the European Championships two years in a row. However, after a humiliating loss to the Netherlands, the game against Chile became a must-win opportunity. It was a very exciting game for fans as Chile took much of the command during the first half. Spain set up chance after chance, but could not breakthrough Chile’s defense, as the fans chanted and cheered throughout the stadium.

With steadfast intensity, Chile kept up penetrating defense, and stepped up the line of attack by centering on the penalty area, and bringing their team members closer into Spain’s territory. In the first 20 minutes, Chile’s Eduardo Vargas made a good finish to the front and scored the first goal of the game.

In just minutes after Chile’s first goal, Spain’s Alexi Sanchez attempting to swing momentum back in his team’s favor. After a very close attempt went straight out of the side netting, it was obvious that Spain was in trouble. With three minutes left to play in the first half, Chile drew a foul off a Spanish defender, earning the player a red card and Chile a free kick. The kick was sent to Charles Aranguiz who was standing directly in front of the goal net. Aranguiz made a powerful kick, angling the ball past Spain’s barricade of players and inside the bottom of the net.

During the second half, Spain kept most of the ball possession, but looked desperate as they attempted to generate defense. Spanish defender Diego Acosta was fierce coming in from many different angles, but there was no way of getting into the penalty area. This time Spanish footballer Jorge Moreno, known more commonly as “Coke”, came in harsh contact with Chilean Goaltender Claudio Bravo, causing a foul and a yellow card at the end of the game.

Chile did not score a goal during the second half, though they had already set up a powerful defense that prevented Spain from scoring a goal. Chile was effortlessly defending any strategies by Spain to get the ball in the center front.

Spain could not compete with the offense of Chile team members, who maintained a steady barrage of techniques throughout the first half and second half. The team was well prepared and played hard against Spain for the win. They knew what they were up against and succeeded in something they have never done before.

Spain won the last World Cup in 2010 and now are officially out of the finals. As the FIFA World Cup is well underway, teams are building their ranks with hopes of winning the championship. Chile secured their space in the “knockout phase” advancing out of Group B along with Holland. Chile’s next opponents will be the Netherlands, who beat Australia 3-2.

By Kimakra Nealy

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