FIFA World Cup: Chile Will Beat Brazil

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The group stages of the 2014 FIFA World Cup has ended, giving way to welcome the knockout stages. It has been intriguing football full of so many surprises. Absolutely no one would have believed teams like the Azzuris of Italy and even previous FIFA World Cup winners Spain would say goodbye to Brazil 2014 so soon. As a matter of fact, these teams were potential winners of the competition. Amazingly, a team like Algeria has qualified for the next round ahead of Russia and that is what makes the game of football so interesting and dicey. That is why judging from how the competition has been so far and adding a bit of the history between the two sides, Chile looks better in beating Brazil, the hosts this time around.

From their track record, Brazil appears such an outstanding side having made it to every World Cup competition that has ever been organized and even emerging winners in five of them. This is a team that could score as many as 14 goals in just one game. Brazil has produced some of the world’s finest footballers and their squad for this World Cup is not much of a difference, talking of the likes of Neymar da Silva, Givanildo Vieira de Souza, commonly known as “Hulk,” Oscar dos Santos and Marcelo Vieira. Brazil who are unbeaten in 19 out of 21 previous World Cup matches looks extremely formidable against the Chileans. 90 percent of the previous encounters between Brazil and Chile have gone in favor of Brazil. No doubts about that.

What makes it quite dicey is that, so far in the competition, the Chileans have proved very audacious having beaten Spain and Australia each by a two- goal margin. The Brazilians have not really found their game yet. The performances of instrumental players like Hulk and José Paulo (Paulinho) and also Frederico Chaves, better known as “Fred,” in the 2014 FIFA World Cup have come under question. The attacking pair of Alexis Sanchez and Eduardo Vargas have played exceptionally well, with both players assisting and scoring. Singling out the key players for both sides, Alexis had a better season in the La Liga during last season with Barcelona than Neymar did . Moreover, Chile bowed out of the 2010 World Cup due to a 3-0 defeat to Brazil in the round of 16. Definitely there cannot be a better time for revenge than this moment when the Chileans are on top of their game and morale is so high with the wins they have had so far. Chile looks more hungry a side in this encounter and they will win against the host nation.

Both Brazil and Chile are coming from the South American continent and interestingly the time for the knockout encounter between the two sides in this 2014 FIFA World Cup is the same as the time they played against each other four years ago in South Africa 2010 (5pm BST). It will be a great encounter and soccer fans all over the world cannot wait to enjoy the game. Brazil are the hosts and has a great track record and definitely will not mind winning the trophy, but so far they are yet to really shine, even though they have won two games already and had a draw in the other. Chile is on top of their game and Brazil should expect a tough game from their opponents. It will take a miracle, but Chile will win the match.

Commentary by Bright Enu

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