Game of Thrones Actress Suggests a Character Will Not Appear

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Game of Thrones fans will be disappointed to hear that an actress has suggested a character will not appear. This was a character long-awaited for in the season four finale, and many book fans were annoyed and upset that she did not appear in the end. While the writers defend their actions for not including the character then, one actress has shared that including her ever is very unlikely.

Warning: The rest of this article includes spoilers from the book series Songs of Ice and Fire. Those who do not want to know about the character or the storylines should not read on from here.

Fans were certain that a character called Lady Stoneheart was going to appear at the end of season four. She appears in the books, and there is an interesting storyline to her. However, she was not even mentioned in the Game of Thrones season four finale, and there were no indications that she would ever come about in the show.

Lady Stoneheart is actually the risen-from-the-dead Catelyn Stark. In the books, she is found by the Brotherhood Without Banners in a stream. Her body, unlike her son’s, had been cast out into the river, and floated away. She is resurrected, but appears with wrinkled skin due to being in the water for three days. However, she had changed and just wants vengeance, which is the reason for the change in name.

There was hope that the character would appear at a later date. The writers explained that she was missed out because there is nothing for her to do later on. This is obviously a character George R.R. Martin wanted to bring into the series and likely has something for her to do in book six or seven, which are still being written. The show runners did not want to introduce her and then forget about her. However a Game of Thrones actress has suggested that the character will not appear at all.

Michelle Fairley, who played the Stark matriarch, explained that Catelyn is very much dead. The veteran actress explained everything in an interview shortly after the death of her 24 character, with a very similar storyline. While explaining about her characters definitely state, she also explained that she respected the writers’ decisions to keep her character that way.

However, she did state that her character Catelynn was dead. Lady Stoneheart is technically a zombie, considering the way she is described in the book. By changing her name, Catelyn Stark as the readers remember her is still dead. Lady Stoneheart is a vicious killing machine out for blood.

Of course, she makes it clear that the writers need to do something different. They have already proven parts of the books will be changed, and this could be just another one of those instances. At the same time, there is a chance she will be resurrected later as her character does more in the books. For now, though, it certainly seems that Fairley has no intention of reprising her role. The Game of Thrones actress shatters the hopes of fans as she suggests that her character Lady Stoneheart will not appear in the HBO show.

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