Game of Thrones Most Memorable Death Scenes

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is known for its most memorable death scenes. This Sunday was no different with the fight between The Mountain and The Red Viper. The death in that will certainly be memorable, along with the whole fighting—or maybe dancing—around the arena. However, there are many other death scenes that will always be remembered on the show.

The one that hits the top of the list has to be The Red Wedding. Nobody will forget the stabbing of the pregnant woman, followed by scene of all Robb Stark’s army falling at the hands of Roose Bolton’s men. Catelyn Stark’s scream as her son dies, with the last words he will ever hear being “The Lannisters send their regards” has to be one of the most haunting moments. It is just a good job that Arya did not get into the dining hall before it all happened. It could have been much worse.

While Ros’ death was never shown on screen, it was certainly memorable. It was at the hands of King Joffrey, and was a simple clip that showed her tied to the bedposts and used as target practice. By this point, everyone knew that Joffrey was an evil young adult, but did they ever see something like that happen? Maybe it serves her right for playing against one of the most conniving men in the show.

Ayra has not had it easy since her father’s execution. While that is one of Game of Thrones most memorable death scenes, it is not making this list. That would just seem a little too obviously. The one that will make the list is that of the young man she watched being tortured. She was a prisoner at the time, and the thoughts that she could have been next would have been going through her mind. Unfortunately, the form of torture with the rats in the not metal bucket was used in real life, and always led to the end of the victim.

Way back in the first season, Game of Thrones made it clear that nobody was safe. Oh, and made it clear that deaths were not going to be quick and simple for everyone. Viserys was one of those, who just wanted a golden crown. He certainly got that when Khal Drogo poured melted gold all over his head, as Viserys’ sister watched it all happen. Her line about dragons not burning so her brother could not have been a dragon foreshadowed her storyline perfectly.

Just recently, poor Sansa Stark was the witness of yet another memorable death, and it was another family member. Lysa, the Lady of the Vale, was pushed to her death through the moon door. It was all to save Sansa, and because Littlefinger obviously has another plan in mind. For those who have not read the books, it is a case of working out his new plan and what it means for the eldest surviving Stark child.

There will always be deaths on the show, and the writers are making them more gruesome and memorable than ever before. There are many memorable death scenes missed from the list, but these are ones that stand out the most on Game of Thrones.

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