Justin Bieber Is Not Racist

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is not racist, according to a number of his rapper friends. The whole debate started at the weekend after a video from five years ago was shared online. It shows the then 15-year-old singer telling a very racist, and just plain awful, joke. He has since apologized for the joke, explaining that it was an immature and silly thing to do.

That is the case. It was an immature and silly thing for him to do, but at 15-years-old he was bound to do these immature and silly things. If someone cannot make mistakes when they are a teenager, when can they make them? It is almost a right of passage for adolescents to make these types of jokes, whether in the public eye or not.

Many people argue that he should have known better. It is up to him to set a good example for his fans. However, if anyone has read about Bieber lately, they will see that he is not one for setting good examples. He has been in trouble with the law in one year more than most people have in their entire life. He has been involved in drink driving incidents and assaults in two countries at least. There may be more but there is just no proof. There are even drug accusations, although he has not been arrested for those, yet.

One this is for certain, Bieber is not racist. If he was, there is no way that he would have made it into the industry in the first place. Some of the people he looks up to are musicians like Usher. Floyd Mayweather also made it clear that the 20-year-old singer has been nothing but kind to him and his children. Someone who was racist—even a closet racist—would find it difficult to be good friends with someone of color. Even if he managed it, the “friends” would work it out through comments and actions on a daily basis.

As Mayweather pointed out, this was a mistake. It was something that Bieber should not have said, but did it at a time when he was immature and still learning the power words can have. He even said after the video was taken that the joke was in poor taste and reportedly apologized to his friends.

There are plenty of people who do not like the Boyfriend singer. They do not like his music, or his run-ins with the law. Some hate the way he treats women, especially his recent actions against Selena Gomez. However, that does not mean he can be blamed for everything.

The video shared was from five years ago. If it was shared when it was taken, the backlash would have been miniscule. Most would have accepted that he was 15-years-old and made a silly mistake. It is only due to the bad press recently that more people have lashed out at this mistake.

The Baby singer’s friends are standing by him. Bieber is not a racist, and he simply made a mistake when he was a teenager that he has now apologized for making.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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