Game of Thrones Finale: Why a Certain Character Did Not Make a Return

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Warning: This article contains a major spoiler for Game of Thrones fans who have not read the books.

A certain character was slated to return in the season four finale of Game of Thrones, but that did not happen. It has led to many fans of the books taking to social media to vent their frustration. They just want to know why one snippet in the books was missed out when so much more was added. There were other parts of the books that were skipped over, but this seems to be the part that has made fans most angry.

For those who have not read the books, this will be a major spoiler. The character in question is Catelyn Stark, and at the end of the third book Storm of Swords she returns as Lady Stoneheart thanks to the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners, Thoros “Lord of Light” R’hllor. Fans expected it to be a cliffhanger for season four.

Director of the finale, Alex Graves, explained that the return of Catelyn Stark was never on the table for the season. The scenes had never been filmed, and it was just speculation from the readers that she would even be mentioned let alone make an appearance. It was justified speculation since the writers have stuck fairly closely to the books so far—a few additions or removals have been made throughout the HBO show to keep fans guessing.

Fans now want to know why the certain character did not make a return in the Game of Thrones finale. It turns out that it was not just to keep fans of the books guessing. It was a decision made by the show runners, Dan Weiss and David Benioff. The idea of bringing in Lady Stoneheart right at the end to then not be seen for at least one season just did not make sense for them. The character has appeared at the end of the third book and not been seen since.

Grave is disappointed that the scene was not filmed. The whole reason he established the Brotherhood Without Banners, and its leader, was because of this scene. The idea of bringing Catelyn back as a zombie to seek revenge is an exciting prospect.

However it does make sense not to include it just yet. It does not mean that Lady Stoneheart will never make an appearance. Now is just not the right time. Although fans disagree, and some critics believe that the suspense of her arrival has gone since she was not brought back in the season four finale.

Some fans will be disappointed to hear about that. After all, an ending with the White Walkers turning a newborn baby boy was filmed, despite not being in the books. Nothing has happened with that scene since, and there are high chances that nothing will for some time since nothing has happened in the books.

It is often difficult to make the perfect adaptations from book to screen. Writers miss out some interesting points, and add in parts that fans would not have minded missing. However, there is a reason for a certain character not to return in the Game of Thrones season four finale.

By Alexandria Ingham


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