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Las Vegas Comic Con 2014: Amazing Opportunity


Las Vegas Comic Con 2014: Amazing Opportunity

The 2014 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is coming up very soon, starting on Friday June 20 ending June 22 and fans will have the opportunity to meet their cultural idols. It will be held at the South Point Hotel & Casino and will feature the “three C’s;” Comics, Creators and Cosplay. According to the convention’s organisers the actual event will take place in the pavilion, just down from the “giant cowboy statue.” The Guardian Liberty Voice will be there represented by this writer. To say that excitement levels are huge, would be the understatement of the century.

Having just become aware of SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay, it was brilliant to see that two of the “heroes” would actually be at the event throughout the entire weekend. Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan who co-own Crabcat Industries and who both appear on the SyFy program, will be at the comic convention. They will be on panels, posing for photographs and meeting with their fans. One of whom, hopefully, will be this reporter.

Apart from the cosplay portions of the convention, which includes the competition on Saturday night and the kids parade on Sunday, there will be more guests attending who do not dress up as culturally iconic figures from film, comic books and video games. At least one is an icon is his own right, Dr. Who actor Sylvester McCoy will be there and it should be noted that as well as portraying the time travelling doctor, McCoy worked in The Hobbit and reprised his role as Dr. Who in that show’s reboot.

Las Vegas Comic Con 2014: Amazing Opportunity
Sylvester McCoy.

Reality television star Jordan Hembrough from the Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter will also be at the 2014 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and fans of the show will have the opportunity to meet the man who has taken searching for collectable toys to a whole new level. He will be signing autographs and meeting fans on June 20 and 21.

Eric Fox, from SyFy’s Face Off and the network’s pilot Foxy & Co will also be attending the comic con along with Orlando Harding, comic creator of Night Stalker. The two will transform someone into the main character of the comic in front of the audience. After they have changed this individual into the creature they will be walking the convention floor with their new “creation.”

Identical twin authors the Winner sisters Brianna and Brittany will also be at the convention. The writers are best selling, award winners and are well known for their Strand Prophecy series. The twins will be meeting fans, signing autographs, sitting on panels and taking part in Sunday’s family day activities.

On top of all these media guests, Jim Lee, George Perez, Rob Liefeld, Steve Epting, Adam Kubert, Len Wein, Herb Trimpe, Jim Valentino, Joe Rubinstein and John Layman are just a few of the comic creators who will be attending the convention. So X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman Eternal, and others will be adequately represented at the conference.

While it is exciting to meet the creators of such comic favorites, it will be the cosplayers and their competition that will hold the vast majority of this reporter’s attention. Coming into contact with cosplay for the first time in 2010 at the London concert of visual kei band Versailles it was enthralling to see all the young folks who were dressed as their favorite anime and manga characters in the long line to see this Japanese rock band.

There were quite a few who were also dressed as video game characters and other unidentifiable creations, but the die was cast and from that point on, it became a definite plan to attend any comic con available just for the cosplay. It was not possible till now as a reporter for the Guardian Liberty Voice to attend one of these events. It will be a first time occurrence for this writer and as a comic con “noob” this will entail much excitement along with the ability to forget one’s true age.

Las Vegas Comic Con 2014: Amazing Opportunity
Keep an eye out for the giant cowboy and horse…

The Amazing 2014 Las Vegas Comic Con, June 20 through June 22, will be a brilliant opportunity for fans of cultural iconic characters, comics and creations to meet their heroes. Not just Heroes of Cosplay but the geniuses behind the comics and performances will be there for photos and autographs. Do not forget to keep checking the link below to learn of any last minute changes to the itinerary. This paper will be reporting on the three day event so stay tuned.

By Michael Smith


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