Game of Thrones Writers Have a Choice to Make

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones TV show writers and producers have a choice to make. Will they wait for George R.R. Martin to finish the Songs of Ice and Fire series, or will they go out on their own and complete the series in their own way. It is a decision they will have to make very soon; sooner than many would like to admit.

Four years ago, the TV show Game of Thrones first aired. There was enough time for Martin to finish at least the sixth book out of seven in the series, if not the last. It seemed like the perfect option to turn the books into a series, and have 10 episode seasons that would mix the books together and tell the story for those who had never even heard of the books.

Fast forward four years and Martin is still struggle to finish book six. In fact, there is no set publishing date for the author. The show is on its fourth season, and there are only two books left to base the series on. It is not even a case of doing one book for a couple of seasons and then the next book for another season or two. The two books run concurrently, but tell the story from different view points.

In fact, some of the storylines in the two books have already been used in the most recent season. Once this season comes to an end, some of the storylines will come to an end. So, the Game of Thrones writers will have to make a choice. They will need to decide whether they can wait for Martin, or need to go out on their own.

Part of this will depend on whether Martin will agree that the show runners can continue their TV series without following his storylines. He has been a major part in the decisions of the show so far, including asking for character names to be changed because the likeness and storylines have changed so much.

Developing the storylines for their own gain will not be anything new for Game of Thrones viewers. There have been parts of the show that have been completely different to the book series. For example, Martin already spoke out about how the Red Wedding featured the killing of a pregnant woman, which he never included in his novel. Robb Stark’s wife was not even at The Twins at the time of the Red Wedding. Theon Greyjoy’s storyline was also adapted to be shown on the show, since it was only mentioned in the books. There was never that part written from either Theon’s or Ramsey Snow’s point of view.

There are benefits of doing something like this. At least those who have read the books have something exciting to look forward to, since they will not quite know the twists the show will take.

The producers will have no choice if Martin cannot finish the sixth book. The show has already cost a large amount of money, and fans already hate the long wait time between seasons. Something needs to happen, and continuing the Game of Thrones series the way the writers see it could be the best choice to make.

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  1. Char   June 6, 2014 at 7:00 am

    No no no no nooooooo!!! Wait and stay as true to the books as possible, otherwise it’s not game of thrones is it?!?!?

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