Giuliana Rancic Devastated by Miscarriage

Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic

Fans will be sad to hear that Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s surrogate has suffered a devastating miscarriage with the couple’s second child. Fans have watched for years as Giuliana and Bill have gone through difficult times to try to have a baby. The couple’s surrogate, Delphine, was the same surrogate that carried the Rancic’s first son, Duke, to term in 2012.

Giuliana and Bill have constantly shared with fans how much they want children and are trying to have a baby. Giuliana says that this season on their show, Giuliana and Bill, the couple is shown trying to have another baby, but unfortunately, their surrogate suffered the miscarriage when she was nine weeks along. On the season finale of their show, Giuliana and Bill, fans will be able to watch as the doctor gives the couple the sad news.

Sadly, this is not the first miscarriage that Giuliana and Bill Rancic have been devastated by. A few years ago, Giuliana was pregnant and lost the baby due to complications. Giuliana also went though several in vitro treatments, but they did not work. After Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer, the couple knew they had very limited options to have a child. The couple then decided to start the long journey to find the right surrogate to help build the family they so desperately wanted.

Giuliana and Bill are understandably upset about the miscarriage, but Bill says that they are also worried about how Delphine feels, saying he can’t imagine what she is going through. Bill says that Delphine is amazing, and the couple feels like they hit the “surrogate jackpot.” Even though Giuliana was distraught at first, the couple feels even more upset because they do not want Delphine to feel bad, because the incident was no fault of hers.

Giuliana and Bill felt that they were so close to the safe zone of the pregnancy that they were shocked by the news of the miscarriage. Because the couple had already gone through a miscarriage, they were keeping the news of this pregnancy a secret. The reality personalities said that in hard times like this, they rely on their faith to get them through.

The reality stars are happy and grateful for the son that they do have together. Giuliana says that Duke is now 21 months old and he is a ball of energy. The couple spends all their time chasing him around the house from the minute he wakes up. Giuliana labels Duke as a big flirt, and says he will walk up to ladies in coffee shops and smile and bat his eyelashes at them.

This devastating miscarriage is not going to stop Giuliana and Bill Rancic from trying to have a second child. Giuliana is 39 and Bill is 43, but they still want to have more children for Duke to play with. Bill says he hopes that Delphine will agree to be their surrogate one more time. Giuliana asserts that they are fighters and they will not be giving up any time soon.

By Sara Petersen

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