Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Sees Dr. Shepherdess Join Permanently

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Grey’s Anatomy season 11 will see Dr. Shepherdess join the team permanently. The actress who plays Derek Shepherd’s little sister Amelia has signed on for a year. Caterina Scorsone had indicated that this would certainly be an option as long as show runner Shonda Rhimes wanted it. It turns out that Rhimes really did want to keep the younger Shepherd in Seattle.

Scorsone’s character appeared in the Grey’s Anatomy spin off show, Private Practice, which ended a couple of years ago. The character appeared in the final couple of episodes of season 10 of the show, announcing that she was engaged but was clearly having second thoughts. It turned out that she did not believe she would have the same success at juggling her career and family life like her big brother and sister-in-law.

Part of the reason Scorsone wanted to remain was due to the interesting storyline possibilities. She can see a great dynamic between the two Shepherd doctors, especially with her possibly running away from an engagement. There is also a back story that fans will have fun dissecting further.

It is time for a new character to join the team permanently, and who better than someone who is already known by the fans. Even those who have not seen the spin off show will know Amelia Shepherd as she appeared in a few episodes before being based in L.A. for that show. Many will be happy to see that Dr. Shepherdess is joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in season 11 permanently.

Season 10 was extremely emotional for many viewers, as they said goodbye to one of the small number of series’ original characters. Sandra Oh, who played Dr. Christina Yang, decided it was time to move on and said early on that she would not sign another contract. It led to bring the character full circle, and she was even able to see Dr. Preston Burke, who she last saw leave her at the altar. He gave her his practice in Zurich, so he could spend more time with his family. It seemed like the perfect decision for the character considering it was clear that anyone who worked at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was never going to win a Harper Avery award.

The show saw two other cast members leave. Shane, played by Gaius Charles, left with his mentor Christina, while Leah, played by Tessa Ferrer, was kicked out of the residents program. In the end, it seemed like Leah had finally found her calling in nursing after rushing into the hospital hearing about a potential terrorist attack in a local shopping mall.

Every season the writers have a few major characters leave, and it leads to new characters coming into the show the next season. Fans will be happy to see that there is a familiar face appearing this season, which may soften the blow of no more Christina Yang. The question is over the drama that this character will bring with her. Dr. Shepherdess is coming to Grey’s Anatomy season 11 permanently, and Scorsone is extremely happy about that.

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