Heroes of Cosplay Episode 8 Ottawa Pop Expo (Recap/Review)

Heroes of Cosplay - Season 1

After last week’s segment of Heroes of Cosplay finished on a downer, with none of the heroes winning anything, episode 8 which takes place at the Ottawa Pop Expo gives five of the heroes a chance to compete under International Costumers’ Guild rules. Jesse, Jessica, Indra, Rikki and Yaya are the cosplayers that were followed this week as Holly and Chloe are off on vacation.

At the start of the show, Yaya, Indra and Riki, who has come back for the second half of season one, are doing a photoshoot while Han dispenses valuable information to the other girls on how to promote their cosplay business. Yaya passes onto Riki that the guidelines for the Ottawa competition will be harsher than usual events. While posing for some comic book artists, Jessica brings up her idea for the Ottawa event, the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal.

This creature was a Henson creation for the 1982 film and both Jessica and Holly have wanted to do it for quite a long time. Unfortunately the other half of Crabcat will be on holiday leaving Jessica on her own. Both girls had decided against competing separately, but since Holly will be helping her business partner make the costume in advance, Jessica is up for going it alone.

In terms of costume, and what character to portray while judging the event, Yaya decides on the Baroness from G.I.Joe. As she recently underwent laser eye surgery and cannot wear her contacts, the glasses wearing villain will be perfect for her healing eyes.

The rest of the Heroes of Cosplay in episode 8 are shown, as usual, deciding what character to portray and making their costumes. They all work feverishly to get ready for the Ottawa Pop Expo.

Rikki initially chooses Ashe from League of Legends. Unfortunately after a lot of work and some very impressive organizational skills, the whole thing comes unstuck with bow issues. She almost decides to pack in the prospect of competing and just attending the show, when the idea of going as Elizabeth from the Persona role playing games becomes her “plan B.”

Jesse goes cinematic with his idea of being The Mandarin from Iron Man 3. He plans to make 10 rings, a complex outfit and a top knot. Indra also chooses the League of Legends for inspiration when she chooses the nine-tailed Ahri. In a parallel to Rikki’s costume issues, Indra has a lot of problems with the tails.

To get inspiration for her Skeksis, which Jessica wants to “remix” for the competition, she goes to meet with Brian Henson. The producer/actor and son of the late Jim Henson meets with Holly and Jessica at the Muppet Creature Workshop. They learn a lot of what went into the original creation and come away with ideas on how Jessica can operate the Skeksis on her own.

The whole show this week was about problems with costume creation, utilizing alternate plans and being flexible. It was also about the heroes showing an array of talents, like Jesse’s new ring making capability. All of the contestants had issues of one kind or another with their costume, although Jessica had the most nerve wracking experience of the group.

Shipping her costume to the Expo, she checks into her hotel room to discover that only two of the three boxes have arrived. Meanwhile, Indra has found out that her nine tails will not work with the harness that she and her boyfriend John constructed. She decides to just let the specially constructed tails hang behind her.

Jessica’s third box comes in at the very last minute and she has to rush to get “suited up” alone. Although she points out that it is difficult, she gets ready in time to compete. In terms of “wins” everyone makes out pretty well with the exception of Jesse. Jessica and Indra get honorable mentions, Riki wins a Judges Award and Indra gets a cash prize for her embroidery.

Heroes of Cosplay, episode 8 at the Ottawa Pop Expo ends with more happy faces than sad ones. Jessica is still excited about meeting Brian Henson and only Jesse came home empty handed but he is pleased that he learned to cast metal. At least two of the heroes will be in Las Vegas for the Comic Con from June 20 through 22. Holly and Jessica will be there for the duration and hopefully this writer will have the opportunity to speak with these two talented ladies.

By Michael Smith



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