Hrithik Roshan Met ‘Fast and Furious 7’ Director Rob Cohen


Hrithik Roshan is often referred to as a Greek God because of his looks, and this may have just landed him a contract for a Hollywood film. Recently, Hrithik Roshan met the director of Fast and Furious 7, Rob Cohen, for discussion purposes. He always manages to impress everybody with his acting, and versatility. His glamor and physique make the girls go crazy whenever he makes any public appearance. Over the years he has given a lot of sensational performances, in a variety of roles, and characters. Hrithik Roshan has managed to act in a variety of scripts, and in none of them did he fail to impress. His attitude towards his work and positive body language is what makes him the heartthrob of the Bollywood fans.

Hrithik was spotted with director Rob Cohen on June 4 in Mumbai. Apparently, talks and negotiations between both parties have been going on for almost a year now. Cohen met with Hrithik’s dad, director and film-maker Rakesh Roshan, to discuss about a film in which Hrithik would perform in the lead role. Reports have suggested that Cohen is very keen to work with the 40-year-old actor. It is said that he performs his stunts on his own and has a very fit and flexible upper torso, which will help him to get accustomed with the ways of Hollywood. Cohen was spotted with Hrithik, along with his family, as they had taken him out on dinner, most probably to discuss about their collaboration.

The 40-year-old actor, who has recently given Bollywood one of its biggest hits of all time, Krrish 3, is currently working on Bang Bang. This project is a remake of the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz film Knight and Day. This movie has a lot of action sequences which have been shot across Abu Dhabi. Underwater actions sequences were shot at Thailand. During the rehearsal of a stunt, Hrithik hit his head resulting in a subdural hematoma, which was operated on in Mumbai. As a result shooting schedules were pushed back, until his post-operative statistics were good enough for him to be discharged. The film also stars Katrina Kaif, Jaaved Jaffrey, Danny Denzongpa and Pavan Malhotra.

There were several films in the past likes Kites, which did not perform at the Box Office. Then there was a buzz over the movie called Paani, with Shekhar Kapur; but even that was not enough to get Hrithik his international acclaim. So after a couple of bad breaks, it is a possibility that the Fast and Furious 7 director, Rob Cohen can bring back the lost glory of Hrithik Roshan and the Roshan family.

Recently some news surfaced which suggested that a lot of Bollywood actors were set to make their Hollywood appearances. Facts on social media suggested that Deepika Padukone, Sridevi and Sonam Kapoor are going to make their Hollywood debuts soon. It was also rumored that Sridevi will star in a film with Meryl Streep, which was later confirmed by her husband. Sonam Kapoor was rumored to be one of the actors in the 5th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and Deepika Paukone was reported to have passed the screen test for Fast and Furious 7. Be it a rumor or not, the meeting of Hrithik Roshan with Fast and Furious 7’s director, Rob Cohen, is definitely a positive sign for the Bollywood industry in terms of exposure.

Opinion By Sunando Basu


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