Instagram: The Selfie Fad

Instagram: The Selfie Fad

Who is responsible for the new wave of Instagram and the selfi fad in social media? Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger came up with the idea back in 2010, and it is growing stronger than ever. By April of 2012, Instagram had over 100 million active users. Twitter and Facebook, two other very popular social media platforms have been in last place lately. Although users still hang on to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has outnumbered their followers by millions.

Instagram allows friends and loved ones to share photos. By uploading a photo to instagram, one is able to share what he or she is doing at that very moment without typing one word. How neat? Instagram added its most recent feature within the last year–videos! Not only can users send photos of their activity they are able to share videos as well. There is chatter about how Hollywood is embracing Instagram’s newest feature. The video feature also serves for business purposes. Actor Ashton Kutcher was one of the first to promote a movie trailer using the neat new feature. Instagram has definitely claimed the new selfie fad. Selfies rule the nation.

Many may be wondering what on earth is a selfie. A selfie is a photo taken of oneself. The photo is usually taken from arm length, right above one’s face. The photo is uploaded to instagram and merged into the world of cyberspace. To prove that instagram is the new selfie fad, over a million selfies are uploaded to instagram on a day-to-day basis. Looks like Instagram will be around for a while!

According to Time, selfies matter! Younger social media users such as preteens and adolescents use Instagram as an outlet of self- expression. Though the selfie concept may seem a bit self-absorbing, social media scientists think it is healthy for the younger crowd to be able to express themselves in an appropriate manner. Parents have been weary of their teen’s social media indulgence and what they post. Whereas most teens and preteens just want to be understood, some may go about it in the wrong way by posting selfies that may be inappropriate. The selfie fad is believed to be harmless, but parents still need to monitor what younger teens are posting on the site.

More than just preteens and teens enjoy posting selfies. Celebrities like Rihanna, Drake, and Kim Kardashian to name a few all have instagram accounts with an overflow of followers. Businesses conduct sales over instagram and even doctors have accounts. Instagram marks a revolution in technology. Instagram introduces the selfie fad and critics are in love. This new platform is ingenious and will surely be around for ages to come. No matter what fad is coming next, Instagram will probably never grow old.

Instagram has spared a new revolution, the selfie fad.  Instagram creates a new subtle way four users to have fun and be creative. Whether the famous duck lip or an innocent smile, selfies have become the daily routine.

Opinion by Erica Sandifer


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