Loaded Gun Found in Target Toy Aisle

A loaded black handgun was found in the toy aisle of a United States Target location. The location was the Myrtle Beach store in South Carolina.

The gun was found by an employee while he was working in the toy aisle of the popular department store on May 30. It had been placed on top of a toy box which advertised superheroes. Said employee was quite alarmed upon the realization that the weapon had eight bullets inside it. The man told authorities that he had witnessed another man spend a copious amount of time in the toy aisle of said Target location, but did not recall actually seeing the gun placed on top of the superhero toy box. The employee managed to locate the gun and hand it over to the appropriate authorities before any children came into contact with it.

Although the gun had not been reported stolen by any particular party, the matter is said to be being investigated as a possible theft. Officials involved with the case plan to review the security footage in the store in order to try and determine exactly who left the gun in the toy aisle, and why. Representatives of the Target location have stated that they are taking this matter extremely seriously and insist that the safety of their customers is their first and foremost priority. They are working in full cooperation with the appropriate authorities in order to identify the person behind this incident as quickly as possible.

The incident comes at a time when large retail stores are facing an immense amount of pressure to restrict the bringing of guns into their place of business. This concept, however, faces its fair share of both support and scrutiny from the public. There are those who feel that weapons of any kind have no place in superstores, and that the carrying of such items poses a danger to the public, potentially causing an incident such as the one in question. On the other hand, there are those citizens who feel that it is not allowing them to bring their gun in a store is a violation of their constitutional right. This latter group of individuals also supply the defense of potential necessity, as having a gun on their person could protect them and others from a potentially life-threatening situation (for instance, if someone attempts to rob the store they are in or threatens to harm members of the public if they do not get what they want). The occurrence of a loaded gun found in the toy aisle of this South Carolina Target has raised a call for a decision on this matter to be reached sooner rather than later, in order to possibly prevent another occurrence of the same.

It is unclear, as of yet, the identity of the individual who left a loaded gun in the toy aisle of a South Carolina target. Their motivation or reasoning behind their actions are also still unknown. However, those involved in the matter are taking the appropriate measures in order to discover the answer to these questions.

By Rebecca Grace

ABC News
Huffington Post

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