iPhone 6 Rumors Dominate

As always there is much buzz in technology rumor mills about the latest offering from a company that has practically dominated the smartphone market ever since the first iPhone came out in June, 2007. With so many competitors vying for first place, Apple itself may be the source of the false information currently being published in tech journals, and in online magazines, in order to keep the interest in the iPhone high.

Rumors and questions abound about Apple’s iPhone 6. Will there be two sizes or one? How big are the screens going to be? Is the camera getting an upgrade? Will it be thinner than previous models? Will there be more software and memory? Will new materials be used for the case? So many questions, so few concrete answers.

Along with all the speculation about size, features, and camera there may also be a price variation from $400.00 for the 128 GB model down to $200.00 for the regular unit, and possibly a $300.00 price tag for a phablet, all with contract agreements. The release date is currently set for September, 2014.

Another interesting aspect that may put a worm in Apple’s new phone is the announcement by Amazon of the introduction of a new, never before seen, category of smartphone: 3D images. Finally taking the wraps off this phone, after three years of constant retooling this product may alter the course of the smartphone/communications industry and how people shop.

Techcrunch.com states the camera uses four infrared cameras with retina tracking to produce a 3D or holographic image effect. Reports claim the Amazon Fire, as the Phone is designated, has six cameras altogether and can track head and eye movement of the owner using the device. This effectively produces a 3D image that seems to hang in mid-air.

Testers fortunate enough to handle the new phone exclaimed the technology was something they had never seen, with many wondering how the phone was able to project images.  Martin McNulty chief executive of digital agency Forward3D declared that if Amazon could pull this off it would change the way people shopped. If this in the case Apple may have the first real competition in the phone market since its inception. This new development by Amazon looks poised to take a sizable chunk out of the Macintosh Apple iPhone market. Rumors in the technology industry, especially the iPhone are a dominating interest as Apple’s launch date nears.

The Amazon Fire is expected to hit stores just in time for Christmas shoppers. The first shipment is gauged at around 600,000 units, and with a $350.00 price tag there may be a race to see who can snag one first.

On the other hand, almost 50 percent of iPhone owners have contracts expiring over the next ten months and may opt for the upgrade of the new iPhone 6. Once those owners purchase new iPhones, 22 percent more users also have than option in the following seven months after that. That is a huge chunk of the market. If rumors are even close on the new iPhone models, iPhone users are a loyal bunch and will opt for the upgrade. Another factor to consider is the huge amount of Android, and other platform phone users, who may switch once Apple announces the larger screen displays as being real and no longer in the nebulous world of “what if?”

iPhoneAlways looking at the bottom line, investors are going to be interested in the following items: Sales during the first weekend after the announcement of the iPhone 6. If sales are near or exceed the 9 million unit sales of the 5s, Apple may begin to exhale in relief. Materials Cost – The cost of materials for new products can be a make or break factor. Cost structure is a significant bottom line growth element and may be the key to future profits for Apple. Positive reviews are an important factor in helping Apple dominate the market despite the rumors all over the internet.

If the iPhone 6 does not measure up to critical reviews, it won’t stand up in the market place and could lose market share. Another key point to consider is if the new features on the iPhone 6 can continue to drive sales and market share gains. Apple won’t be on easy street but it may exhale and inhale with a new breath. If Apple can continue to grow as the leader in the market and be successful with its bottom line it will remain on solid ground for the forseeable future.

If all these positive elements work together for another successful launch, all the speculation and rumor mill chatter will fade away like exploded firecrackers on the Fourth of July, until the next new launch. Which, according to some sources is actually made by a small company Apple is currently romancing into the fold. The only available hint at this point is: it’s wearable. A new rumor is already taking shape. Technology strikes, again. Interest in Apple will rise again, but who will dominate the next market?

By Andy Towle

International Business Times
The Motley Fool

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  1. mohammed   June 20, 2014 at 7:59 pm

    I am waiting for iPhone 7 because i like number 7 😉


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