iPhone Application Improves Intelligence


Lumosity is the new application for the iPhone and Android devices that can actually improve one’s intelligence. The app features multiple selections of cognitive-training exercises that actually make the experience feel like the user is simply playing a game.

The company that created Lumosity is a San Francisco-based corporation that launched the wonders of Lumosity in 2005. In 2007 the first web application for the system was released and soon after became available on iOS devices and now serves over 60 million members. The mechanics behind the app are based on neuroscience research and is proven to increase the collective IQ of people who use it overtime.

The application is composed of numerous series of tests that push the user’s brain to its daily limit and really get the cogs turning. The tests and quizzes are stylized and themed to feel like a video game and are customized to perfectly fit the members taking the tests. The customization of these trials is determined when a user initially starts the application and signs up for its use. What “games” are given to the user depends solely upon the age and education level of each individual and targets the parts of the brain that the user selects to work on.

The quizzes that make up Lumosity are comprised of various subjects that range from math problems to memory tests. Memory tests will entail tasks such as trying to recall multiple symbols or pictures in quick succession and remembering complicated patterns. Though the exercises may seem simple to begin with, users will quickly learn that using Lumosity is a rather humbling experience.<

Users of the iPhone and Android devices, alike, can use the Lumosity application to improve their intelligence for free on the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. More advancements can be made in the app and those premium features can be purchased in-app for an additional cost. The desktop or laptop version of Lumosity that is used on the web has a grand array of additional features and is priced at a monthly fee of $14.95. Various payment methods for the advanced application can be accommodated to such as $6.95 per month for a year-long commitment to the application, $4.99 for a two-year commitment or a single payment of $299.95 for infinite use of Lumosity with a lifetime subscription.

While multiple iPhone, Android and web users have reported experiencing various outcomes from using Luminositym a few notable improvements have stood out to the public. Some have noticed an improvement in their driving skills. The various view exercises included in the iPhone and Android application have proved to develop an increased awareness when maneuvering a vehicle on the road. A heightened level of focus has apparently been obtained when taking a seat behind the steering wheel. This increased focus is extremely applicable to many other parts of daily life. Efficiency in computer business application, which is very vital to a large amount of the working population, has developed gradual increase when using Luminosity.

An iPhone application that can increase the intelligence of a person is a huge contribution to today’s society. With the ever-growing increase in technology and equally-increasing level of competition in the work field, the chance to obtain a higher IQ is not something that should be taken lightly. Thanks to the simplicity of iPhone applications like Lumosity, the idea of a smarter future seems to be within the grasp of anyone who is willing to reach out for it.

By Cody Collier

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