Is Google Glass Worth the High Price?

google glassGoogle Glass is one of the newest technologies from the innovative computer company. The wearable computer allows users to interact with the company’s existing applications Now, Maps, Gmail, and Google+, and third-party developers are currently working on creating more applications for the device. With all the features shown and teased, and prototypes issued, tech experts are asking themselves and each other: Is Google Glass worth the high price?

The glasses feature a small LCD display that is located about an inch from the eye. The device is voice activated and you scroll through the menus with a touch pad on the side of the apparatus. The gadget allows the user to take pictures, shoot HD video, upload files to the web, send email, and search the web. Google Glass has been utilized successfully by doctors and surgeons. The device currently supports Google applications, as well as supports Twitter, Facebook, and a host of other applications, including news sites, facial recognition software, exercise applications, translation assistants, photo manipulation, and even a walking navigation aid.

Jeff Eggleston, an IT manager at Local 10, was one of the select few to test the first the new wearable computer. Eggleston stated that despite the bulky appearance, the glasses are actually pretty lightweight. They can be worn right out of the box or mounted on a pair of custom frames so you can get prescription lenses installed. The glasses are customizable with different frames, colors, and lenses.

Eggleston stated that the Google Glass technology is most useful during travel. He cites a useful app for drivers that locates the nearest gas station, tells them the price differential between other gas stations, and gives directions. The IT manager did say that the display is a little distracting and takes some getting used to -he said that he drove slower with them on than off. Eggleston’s verdict is that Google Glass has potential, but the first generation has a few bugs and is very expensive, $15oo plus $683 for the prescription frames -so it would be better for possible consumers to hold off.

Mark Rogowsky, from Forbes, answered the question -is Google Glass worth the high price?- with a curt “no.” Rogowsky urges those who want to buy the technology not to, citing that they would only be participating in an overly expensive beta program for an unfinished product.

Rogowsky stated that those who purchase this first iteration of glasses will receive a more expensive and less functional version of whatever the final product will be. The self-proclaimed tech junkie said that the battery life is very poor and reports of headaches and a difficult adjustment period as reasons to hold off on purchasing the technology.

Some tech analysts think that the steep price tag is a ploy by Google to weed out casual users to find a core of committed and enthusiastic beta testers. The technology has been praised by TIME as one of the best inventions of 2012. University of Cambridge’s John Naughton complimented the device as well, saying it is a big step towards the future.

By Andres Loubriel

Local 10



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