Is Kim Kardashian the Perfect Celebrity?

Kim Kardashian

If Kanye West were asked who the perfect celebrity was, there is no doubt the rapper would name his new wife, Kim Kardashian. Kardashian has risen to impressive fame from a lowly sex tape she made years ago. Now, the reality star has a huge fan base, and has even risen to be somewhat of a fashion icon.

In a world full of celebrities and faux celebrities, what would the perfect celebrity consist of? Certainly they would navigate the daily, never-ending scrutiny of the media with ease. The paparazzi would never capture a face in a scowl or a middle finger aimed at their camera. The perfect celebrity would never suffer a public meltdown, or spiral out of control with drugs and partying. They would never need to escape the intense attention of fans and critics; they would bask in it.

In many ways, Kim Kardashian is close to the perfect celebrity. Kardashian has made climbing the fame ladder look effortless. The reality star became famous for a sex tape, and she was able to use that momentum into building an empire. Kardashian first became recognized as the sidekick of Paris Hilton, but now Kardashian is much more famous than Hilton, and instead of burning out, the public fascination with her continues to grow.

Perhaps it is easy to brush off Kardashian’s achievement until it is compared to another similar situation. The same attempt to become famous was made by Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham. Abraham also became famous for doing nothing on a reality show, and then tried to make a sex tape to become an even bigger celebrity. However, instead of being fascinated with Abrahams, the public was disgusted, and her 15 minutes of fame are already over.

While other famous faces have crashed and burned in the public eye, Kardashian seems here to stay. The reality star takes on her haters with ease, and continues to be an open book for her fans. Kardashian treats everywhere she goes as a runway, and is always photographed looking amazing and put together. Even when she is photographed going to the gym, her look is natural and inspiring. Kardashian has also mastered taking the perfect selfie, which is an essential skill in today’s online world.

Instead of being consumed with the dark world of prescription drugs, clubs, and parting, which have claimed so many promising careers, Kardashian has managed to steer clear of that temptation. In fact, her only downfall in the public eye may be her many failed marriages. Kardashian has just gotten married for a third time to Kanye West. However, some could argue that her unpredictable love life has only increased the public’s fascination with her.

Kim Kardashian might also be the perfect celebrity because she loves the attention from her thousands of fans. Some might call that shallow and vain, but it takes a special person not to find that level of attention on a daily basis overwhelming or draining, as other stars have complained. Kardashian lives life large, and whatever she does, it’s on a grand scale for the world to see. People either love her or love to hate her, but most everyone is somewhat interested in what she is doing. One thing is for certain; Kardashian has long passed her 15 minutes and proved she is here to stay.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

Daily Mail
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2 Responses to "Is Kim Kardashian the Perfect Celebrity?"

  1. ToraFetah   June 16, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    Paris Hilton starred in a reality show that made her look negative, and so the public never really got to know the real Paris. Kim took her reality show and showed people her “real” life and personality. Anyone who knows Paris knows she’s more of a reserved type, and not the type to share her entire life on public.

  2. Tony   June 15, 2014 at 5:40 am

    Perfect Celebrity?? HARDLY. But she is the perfect “N”-Loving HOE!!

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