J. K. Rowling Donates One Million Pounds to British Unity

J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling author of the Harry Potter series has donated one million British pounds towards British unity. She feels that overall if Scotland was to split from England it would diminish such funds as medical research. She is an avid supporter of cancer research of Multiple Sclerosis especially since she lost her mother from the disease. She believes it could also have a severe effect on the economy as well. Many have scorned Rowling as she did not grow up in Scotland but as a resident of Edinburgh, Scotland she finds that those that scorn her because of not being born and raised in Scotland to be too much like her pure-blood extremists in her books she wrote. Lineage should not determine how one should vote.

At this time, polls are showing the Anti-Independence side is ahead by a small margin, but with any campaign that could change at any moment. Voting will be on September 18, 2014. Right now there are several key celebrities for both sides. For the independence is Sean Connery, Irvine Welsh and members of the band the Proclaimers and Against the split is J. K. Rowling, Rod Stewart, and Ewan McGregor. Many claim it is more about how to go about separation from England than the actual separation itself. Though many suggest it will never happen, the polls would suggest otherwise considering the people of Scotland seem to be split down the middle.

The Yes campaign as the party for the split in Scotland is known as, claim that the North Sea Oil can improve Scotland’s way of living. It was not that long ago when the Royal Bank of Scotland had to be bailed out by the Membership of the Union, this is one of the many reasons J. K. Rowling donated one million pounds to the British unity. To Rowling it does not seem as clear as the Yes Campaign claims. If they were to separate from England, they may not have the funds or means to support their country. They could very well end up like Greece a country that is struggling to support itself, and that has had to be bailed out financially on several occasions. Many though believe it is possible since Ireland was able to accomplish a breakaway from England and retain its independence in 1922, though it was not without its faults.

The one million pounds donation from J. K. Rowling to the British union should help others see both sides of the issues and perhaps for the people of Scotland to make a better educated opinion on whether to split from England or not. Though both sides have its merits and disadvantages, it seems that until September 18, 2014 the debate will continue with more and more people becoming involved like Rowling and Connery. Both sides have much at stake in this campaign and while the opposing parties seem to differ on many subjects the one thing they have in common is their love for Scotland. So whether they decide to split or not one thing is for sure this country will keep on fighting for their right as they have done for centuries.

Opinion by Heather Tillman

NY Times
Vice News

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