J Lo and Jimmy Fallon Rock Tight Pants [Video]

Jennifer Lopez

With the release of first love and the oh so public break up with Casper Smart behind her, Jennifer Lopez is taking over the town on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and they are both rocking the tight pants. Amid rumors that Smart cheated on her with a trans-gender model, this hard-working diva is turning the page, and putting the past exactly where it should be, in the past. The fierce J-Lo is back with a vengeance, no pity party for this star, as she takes down Fallon in this skit from the show. (below)

The bit starts out with Fallon on stage singing about how he is the only one with tight pant in the town and how everyone loves his tight pants. Funny stuff, but better yet, when J-Lo comes out in the same tight white pants, the hilarity begins. At one point the pop singer gets fierce and ends up banishing the talk show host off the stage.

Born in 1969 Lopez is a multi-talented Latina for sure, she is an accomplished singer, dancer, clothes designer and writer. Add to that her American Idol responsibilities and it makes the fans wonder how she has enough time to put out a new album. Yet she has, and to rave reviews, her fans are loving it.  She has always been a work driven woman from her very first minor role in My Little Girl in 1986, right through to today. Her parents did not initially support her dream, as they believed it was not a realistic goal for a Hispanic. She certainly proved them wrong, she kept her career moving along with her first full-time job as a Fly Girl on In Living Color in the early nineties. After 3 years of dancing on the hit show, she left to try her chops with an acting career. She scored the lead role as Selena in the movie of the same name, chronicling the short and tragic career of another Latina singer. She went on to star in Out of Sight, and then began her venture into the music realm in 1999. The invincible Ms. Lopez then went on to have her second album, J. Lo and a lead role in the film, The Wedding Planner, both land  in the number one spots in the same week in 2001.

J-Lo is frequently in the news, and more so lately due to her unfortunate break up and the rumors surrounding it. Many tried to make Smart look as if he was a low-level Tiger Woods, and had him fooling around with transgender men. Cheating is cheating and it is hurtful no matter who you step out with, and living through a split in the public’s eye certainly can not be easy. Lopez has come through with flying colors, not stooping to contribute to the he said, she said of many Hollywood break ups. Fans will enjoy this light-hearted, fun, yet fierce portrayal of the girl with the tightest pants on the block. J-Lo may get down, but never count her out and this bit on late night shows another side to this super star.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska


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