Jenny Mollen Says Jason Biggs Upset He Cannot Breastfeed


Jenny Mollen the wife of Jason Biggs who has stared in the American Pie series has recently told ABC News that he is upset that he cannot breastfeed their newborn baby. Apparently Biggs is a natural at parenting and wants to help out in all aspects of raising their new child Sid. He asked his wife Mollen, who is a writer and actress, if she could pump her breast milk out to put in a bottle so he could feed their child.

Last night Biggs went on the Chelsea Lately show and talked about a number of subjects including his wife’s breasts, which he says have become “monsters.” The host Chandler got pretty graphic demonstrating what it would be like to let “someone suck on you.” She then followed up the play-acting by asking Jason if he had any idea “how painful that would be?” Biggs also addressed the pictures he shared with the world of his wife giving birth to their son back in February. Many believed the couple shared too much information by sharing the photos of his wife Mollen giving birth in the hospital, but Biggs disagreed, saying that those kinds of people have sticks firmly up their backsides.

The couple are happily married but both are very busy at the moment. Jenny is in the midst of a book tour for her new collection of essays entitled I Like You Just the Way I Am. Jason on the other hand is currently staring in the Netlix Original series of Orange is the New Black, which is in its second season. Even though Biggs is an exceptional father and caretaker of their child Sid, Mollen has said that when things got busy and their schedules diverged she knew she would be the one to take the child even though Jason would be slightly upset because he cannot breastfeed.

The Actress does not have a nanny, so has learned to enjoy the increased time she spends with her mother, who is helping her out with the baby. Comically Mollen’s mother is a character in the essays that Jenny is currently promoting. While she did not originally prioritize having a child with her husband at first, now that she is a mother to Sid, she said she could not picture her life in another way.

Later on Monday night, the couple also appeared on the Howard Stern show, where inevitably the late night radio show host convinced them to reveal details of their life never before heard. The couple revealed that in order to spice up their love life Mollen had decided to buy the services of a prostitute. The first time it happened neither felt entirely comfortable and ended up only receiving a massage, and the second time was also a failure because the pair did not have enough money on hand to actually pay for the desired services. But the third time was the charm, kind of, with the hooker saying she was “not into women,” so Biggs got to engage in the services provided while his wife Jenny watched. Hopefully that spiced up the couples love life and let Jason forget that he was upset he could not breastfeed their new child like his wife Jenny Mollen.

By B. Taylor Rash

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