Jimmy Fallon Cures Kevin Harts Fears With Epic Ride or Does He?

Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Hart makes no bones about his all-consuming fear of Roller Coasters, and who better to help him face that fear than Jimmy Fallon. Funny man Hart never takes life too seriously, and that includes being vertically challenged and told he was too short to get on the roller coaster that the late night host was taking him on. Taking it all in stride, yet with panic written all over his face, he is strapped in and willing to participate in this experiment to conquer his fears. He tells the ride attendant, to strap him in, and strap him in tight, and it is a pure delight on the face of Harts instigater. Seeing is believing, and laughing while watching the video (below) is a given.

When Hart was working on one of his movies in Las Vegas, he jokingly referred to himself as the old guy in the club, the one that comic’s made fun of during their stand up routines. At 34-years-old, he is anything but the Uncle, or the old man, or the dude with all the keys as he stated during an interview. The Philadelphia native was once a shoe sales man, which brings to mind many an Al Bundy joke. He quit to pursue comedy as a career, and won several comedy competitions which marked the beginning of his career. Lately there is hardly a comedy out that Hart is not a part of, and Jimmy Fallon rides the wave of Hart-mania by putting him on one of the worlds most epic coasters, which leaves fans with one funny video.

Hart is nothing if not open and honest, and one of his favorite sayings is “if someone gets kicked in the face, it is their fault. They watched the foot come towards their face.” This type of comedy is just what Fallon looks for, that and taking epic stars on journeys they would of never otherwise have made, and Hart was no exception. The popular comedian is also up front about what he will and will not joke about. Some of his joking taboo’s are rape, and staying clear of anything to do with homosexuality. He believes that these are sensitive subjects and he would not want to offend anyone. He has almost always known he had a propensity for comedy, at age 11 he got out of a whooping from his Mom by making her laugh. Not only has he become a comedic genius, he is also known for being a hard worker, which is why all of Hollywood comes knocking on his door when making a film. This work ethic extends to his personal life also, as he is the first to give a nod to the people who got him to where he is now, his fans. Hart likes to interact with his audience when on stage and states that his stand up routine is not an act, it is just who he is. The comedian is on a quest to take the stigma off of what many call “black films” just because the cast is mostly black. A comedy is a comedy, no matter who is cast and he wants to be a part of changing the culture of how audiences view film making and film viewing. Taking that ultimate ride with Jimmy Fallon will only endear him to fans all the more.

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